1. freedom71

    SOLD New KAC SR-15 Complete Ambi Lower

    SOLD!! Knights Armament SR-15 complete lower. I recently purchased a new SR-15 rifle and am keeping the 16" upper. This is the brand new, never fired, complete ambi lower from that rifle. All original parts. Price: $1425 shipped. Must be shipped to an FFL. All laws apply.
  2. M

    Firearms WTB KAC SR-15 11.5 Mod2 and 14.5 Mod2

    Hey all! Like everyone else, I’m on the hunt for some Knight’s products. I’m looking for an 11.5” Mod2 upper, a 14.5” Mod2 upper and one to two complete ambi-lowers. Hit me up here or via cell phone @ (573) 289-5837 with your wares. I appreciate your time! Steve
  3. Tflhnd1

    Knights SR-25, MK11Mod0, M110 accuracy vs customl

    I've read from several posts, especially LL's first hand observations of the Knights Mk11's and M110's lack of accuracy after some time, Suppresor discussion excluded. I'm a fan of Knights and their products are nice, but overpriced in my opinion, 7k+ for a Mk11 and 14K+ for the M110 package. I...
  4. P

    Knights Armament SR-15 IWS

    I'm would like to purchase one. Any one have experience possitive or negative? Price range? Also who might have one in stock. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tflhnd1

    Gunsmithing Colt M-4 Upper on Knights SR-15 lower.

    Easy question...does this work, or is Knight's lower too proprietory, (Done different than others), to fit flush or smooth? Thanx for any response. S/F
  6. M

    Knights SR-25 VS. DPMS LRT-SASS magazines

    Can anyone advise if Sr-25 magazines are interchangeable with DPMS LRT-SASS magazines and vice versa?