1. L

    ladder test question

    I'm planing on loading up some 69 grain matchkinds for my .223 savage modle 10. I have never done any load testing besides just diffrent powders. Should I clean the barrel after each test before I go up to the next 1/2 grain charge?
  2. S

    Added 2nd ladder pic/results to I'm I now correct in method and conclusion?
  3. PLeighton

    Second Opinion on Ladder Data

    I'm working up a M118-LR Clone load and wanted to get a second opinion on the Ladder test data that I've collected so far. Blue lines represent 1/2 MOA @ 500 yards. The test was done at sunrise with a target puller down range. (0-2mph for wind, no mirage) Starting load was 42.0 grains of RE15...
  4. Mag 300

    explain Ladder test?

    First Yes did the search for ladder test best was the 300 wm with the 208 amax. what is the purpose of the test shooting one bullet? they will string all over . could you explaing the test and how they determine a good round? I am looking for test criteria maybe the ladder test is it ? Thanks Bill
  5. Wheres-Waldo

    The Ultimate Ladder Test. 300WM - H1000/208 A-Max

    I just finished doing a full range ladder test on the entire range of powder charges recommended for my 300WM with H-1000 in conjunction with the 208 gr. A-Max. What perplexed me to do this was the lack of information specific to the 208 A-Max and H1000. My manuals dont list 210 gr. bullets...