1. H

    7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match or Lapua 180gr Scenar-L

    Hi all, did you test the cal 7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match bullets over the Lapua 180gr Scenar-L yet? The Scenar-L shoot well but the ELD-M bullets do have a much higher BC. Also, the Scenar-L bullet overall length vary a lot, because of the bullet tip, which is not unique. Do you have...
  2. Curahee19

    WTB Lapua 6br brass

    Hey guys looking for brand new 6br lapua brass around 300-600 pieces
  3. AIAW

    SOLD Lapua 260 REM Brass - New

    100 pieces, new, unfired. $120 shipped. I accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment options.
  4. AIAW

    SOLD Lapua Brass - 338LM - New

    Continuing my clean-up and sell-off. 100 pieces "limited run" headstamp, new. $255 shipped (these are true Lapua cases, identical specs and dimensions - just a cancelled contract run a company paid to have a custom stamping on the head). I accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment. Thanks!
  5. DFNM


    $750 MPA BA Comp rem 700 short action *Barreled Action SOLD* 223 Match complete Rifle $1800 shipped to your FFL *MPA BA comp SA RAT *Blueprinted REM 700 *PTG Fluted bolt *23.5” Bartlien barrel 7.5T 1500 rd ct *Timney Calvin Elite with interchangeable shoes * 100 pieces of Lapua Fireformed...
  6. S

    .338 Lapua or stick with my .300 win mag? Long range shooting.

    Hello…to anyone reading this post! (And thank you) I’m in need of some advice from actual people that are long range shooters instead of just YouTube and my husband. Basically, I need some answers without bias. Onward… I come from a lineage of Marines, specifically snipers (both Uncles were...
  7. Near miss

    The best bullet for AR

    Hello, Can we discuss about what is absolutely the best bullet for AR use? Because this is -slightly- subjective, by best I mean a bullet that: -is seatable to a mag length (2.250 to 2.260) -carries much energy on target -deflects wind well -does not drop much. -more points if it has good...
  8. GenericBadGuy

    Accessories Misc sale - Knives, Spuhr, Center-X, Dead Air Brake, Griffin Brake, 1911 Mags, Area 419 Billet, Walker Ultimate Muffs, Dillon accessories

    For sale misc stuff new: 4. Gate-LOK™ Hammer Comp 5.56mm 1/2x28 -$65 4. 3 - Springfield Armory 1911 .45 ACP Mags with Wilson Combat Followers - $65 5. Area 419 Billet Aluminum Autothrow Housing for Autothrower V2 - $35 7. Boker Boker Plus Titan Drop Point Lockback Knife (3.75" Satin) - $65 9...
  9. Snaz

    SOLD SOLD: BNIB 308Win Lapua LRP brass

    I have 3 x unopened boxes of Lapua 308 Winchester large primer brass for sale. $OLD shipped USPS Flat Rate signature confirmation. Payment via Discreet PayPal F&F or add 4% G&S. Thanks for looking.
  10. aroddc3

    SOLD WTS Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass brand new

    I have one box of new Lapua 6.5 PRC brass. Price is $190 shipped. Local to DFW. No picture so scammers can’t use it. Can PM you one if you want verification.
  11. Dr. Davy Jones

    Reloading Equipment Found

    Looking for either brand. New, 1x or 2x fired is fine. Thanks!
  12. aroddc3

    SOLD 300 PRC Lapua Brass NEW

    I have 2 boxes of unopened 300 PRC Lapua brass. $175 each plus shipping. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  13. Dalmore

    Reloading Equipment Tons of 6 GT & 6.5 Creedmoor Brass - Alpha, Lapua, Hornady

    Hey All, I've got a bunch of brass for sale. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for looking! 200 (two boxes of 100) brand new 6mm GT Alpha Brass $315 shipped SOLD Purchased from Mile High a few weeks ago and ended up going 6 Dasher instead. I opened one box just to look at...
  14. B

    SOLD 6.5x47 brass

    I have the following for sale: 441 1x fired 6.5x47 Peterson brass 154 1x fired 6.5x47 Lapua brass 144 new Lapua brass Only trades would be 308 168 eldm’s Would prefer to sell as 1 lot. $750 shipped If you want to split it up shipping will be added. PayPal or Venmo Will ship within 48hrs of...
  15. Safety_3rd

    SOLD Terminus Zues QC, 6BRA Proof, Forster Dies, 200 Rounds FF Lapua, Forster comp dies, Berger hybrid 105s

    I have got a used Zues quick change action with the standard bolt (no clue on round count, I use it, love it, keep it greased) $1250 Proof 26" heavy barrel 7.5 twist threaded $500 200 rounds once fired Lapua brass 50 rounds are loaded, another 50 have SRM primers in it $175 200-300 Berger hybrid...
  16. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Help me Afford my hospital bills - Reloading redding dies 9mm, 6br Micron, .223, 6br lapua cases, 6mm reloading stuff

    So I had a bit of a trip to the ER for a serious illness and and am looking to sell some stuff to pay a few bills. For Sale: 3.New Redding Deluxe Die Set - .223 Remington sold 4. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies - .223 Remington - sold 6. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies - .223 Win SS Mag - $35 I...
  17. rustyinbend

    Grafs & Sons comes through again ...

    Not fast, but after several months on backorder, I have 100 cases of Lapua 300-PRC headed my way. I really appreciate online retailers like Grafs & Sons and Creedmoor Sports that accept, manage, and honor backorders. I've had great luck with backorders (mostly cases and projectiles) from these...
  18. E

    SOLD Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor LRP -unopened box

    I have 1x unopened box of Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor LRP brass. $105 delivered Payment can be via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS money order. Shipping will be via USPS. If you have questions, shoot me a PM
  19. slowlearner

    Reloading Equipment WTS 6.5mm 600 bullet total, Hornady, Lapua, Berger

    Looking to sell as one lot, will not split at this time. I had bought up many of these with the intent of building a 6.5 SAUM, but budget has changed. This grouping has 2x 100ct boxes of 143gr Hornady ELD-X’s, 1x 100ct 140gr Hornady Match (Pre ELD-M), 1x 100ct 140gr Hornady A-Max’s 1x 100ct...
  20. Bolt Thrower

    SOLD SOLD Lapua 6.5mm 139gr Scenar Bullets (200 ct)

    SOLD Lapua 6.5mm 139gr Scenar Open Tip Match Bullets 2 unopened 100 count boxes (200 bullets total) These are from the same lot, purchased in February 2021 $100 shipped (PayPal, Venmo)