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larue 20

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    Firearms Larue Tactical Build

    Larue Tactical built on a Larue Stealth 2.0 Ultimate Upper 5.56 20" barrel. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, CMC 2.5lb drop in trigger, Timber Creek Heartbreaker muzzle brake, Magpul MOE stock and Harris bipod. Will make someone a great predator setup. $1900 Located in mid Missouri. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Optics WTS Larue QD Mount

    LaRue 20 MOA PSR Scope Mount QD, LT112 30mm $175.00
  3. H

    LaRue 20" Rifle. Range Report. Excited!

    This is my second range trip with the LaRue. First time I was using factory ammo, while CorBon is excellent ammo, it is still factory. The gun was consistently grouping under an inch with it. Well, I loaded up some 69 and 77 grain SMK's in front of Varget in LC 1x cases. Results were...