1. AlleghenyLongGun

    R700 LTR SA, Lightweight stocks that will balance

    Goodmorning killers. Recently returned home from a sheep hunt in Montana. I lugged around a 12.3 pound Remington 700 LTR .308 that rides in the factory HS precision stock. Beautiful OG looking rifle, It feels good and balances perfectly, even with a Precision Armament EFAB comp/flash hider...
  2. darth_ritis

    Lightweight optic to help balance short Vudoo

    TL;DR I need lightweight scope recommendations for a 22LR comp gun. What scope would you pick in this situation? Let's say the budget is $1500 max, but I'd love to be lower than that. Background I have a Three-60 with an 18" kukri profile barrel with a tuner on the end. The rifle sits in a...
  3. Snaz

    SOLD *SOLD* BNIB16.5" 1/2×28 KIDD LW SUPERGRADE bbl $275

    I have a extra KIDD Supergrade LW fluted bbl for sale. I bought it as a spare when I ordered my daughters rifle KIDD. It has only been out of the factory tube it came in once, to take the attached pics for this post. No more than the rifle gets shot, I don't think I'll be shooting it the...
  4. bonesaw00001

    Precision Rifle Gear Lightweight Tripod for 'Rucking' PRS Event

    After scouring the forums and still being left with some questions, I was hoping the braintrust might help me find an appropriate lightweight, compact-ish tripod legs for rucking PRS events like Mammoth, Vortex Sniper Challenge, etc. Going to use an RRS TA-3-LB (lightweight-ish leveling base)...
  5. skyewalker

    Accessories SOLD Tier One Carbon bipod

    Picked this up used and played with it for a couple of range sessions, I’m going to Arca Swiss instead. Tier one 180mm carbon fiber swivel bipod (no pan). Comes with swivel stud and pic QD attachments, original case and a bag of spare hardware from previous owner. $300 shipped, Zelle/Venmo or...
  6. W

    Rifle Scopes Lightweight scope Swarovski z5i 2.4-12 or nightforce nxs 2.5-10

    I’m looking for a lightweight hunting scope for a 300 win mag rifle. I’m currently considering a Swarovski z5i 2.4-12 or nightforce nxs 2.5-10. Does any one have any experience with ether of these? Are there any others I should be looking at?
  7. W

    Lightweight hunting rifle, proof elevation, Christensen ridgeline, nosler mountain carbon

    I’m looking for a lightweight hunting rifle for hunting in Africa and elsewhere. I’m planning of 300 win mag or similar caliber. Does anyone have any experience with the proof elevation, Christensen ridgeline, pr nosler mountain carbon?
  8. P

    Bartlein vs. Proof Research pound for pound?

    Wife wants a light but accurate AR, so I will be building one shortly. The question is, should I get a Proof Research 16in barrel at 25.6oz (I believe) or have Craddock or CLE spin me up a 16in Bartlein that weighs about the same? In other words, which will be more accurate at around 25oz? Which...
  9. D

    Gunsmithing Lightweight AR barrel with mid length gas system?

    Where can I get one? It seems like no one stocks them...everything seems to be special order if you depart from a medium contour barrel.
  10. texasredneck

    Advice for lightweight rifle build needed

    With a full tactical build underway, I am turning my attention to my next build and wanted advice from the smartest group of people on the planet. I think I want a lightweight (very lightweight) rifle for hunting that is not like humping a 14 lb brick all day in 100+ degree heat. I enjoy...