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  1. B

    Firearms LMT MWS FOR SALE

    $3275 shipped to your FFL. In-person exchange at an FFL in PA also welcomed. The following accessories are also included: - Harris 1A2-BRM Bipod - Drago Gear double gun case/bag This LMT MWS .308 was manufactured in Milan, IL in early 2015. It is the quad-rail version with a 10:1 twist...
  2. skyewalker

    Accessories LMT MWS 16” 308 barrel

    16” 1-10 CL standard weight. Round count unknown but shoots well with 178fgmm. Stamp came in so I switched to 13.5”. $400 net to me, shipped to you.
  3. Rlbol

    Lmt LM308MWS advise?

    I am hoping to find a little advise on a lmt 308. I have shoot mostly bolt rifles but I some how stumbled a pawn the lmt. I do have a lwrc m4 so I am familiar with the platform other then the ar-10/ 308 differences. So I have a little spending money and was thinking about picking up one of...