lmt mws

  1. grassy knoll

    SOLD LMT .308 MWS 16” SS Barrel

    A new LMT MWS .308 with 16" Stainless barrel and Radian Raptor SD charging handle. Fully ambi lower. Mlok rail. $2600 shipped. No trades. Eagle Industries soft case available for an extra 200
  2. skyewalker

    LMT MWS 16” 308 barrel

    16” 1-10 CL standard weight. Round count unknown but shoots well with 178fgmm. Stamp came in so I switched to 13.5”. $400 net to me, shipped to you.
  3. TangoSierra916


    keeping the 20" thanks
  4. Fredo

    LMT .308 MWS

    Anyone have a range report, or word from the Brit's deployed with them?