1. S

    SOLD WTS: Complete LMT MARS-L Lower Receiver. - $650 **SOLD**

    For payment I accept discreet PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle. For fastest response, please email me. LMT Mars-L Lower receiver Roughly 150rds on this lower receiver. Painted with Rustoleum, but otherwise in excellent condition. Includes LaRue MBT-2S trigger, LMT Trigger guard, FCD Takedown pins...
  2. sneakypayload

    Firearms DD/LMT/IWI Ace gen 2/Jakl for sale

    multiple guns for sale 1. Factory DDM4V1 upper for sale, chopped to 14.5 and DA FH pinned, with DD BCG, P&S rails, Geissele Charging Handle, USMC marked rear sight. Lower is an LMT MARS Ambi with Radian safety, TDX-0 Ergo, LaRue 2 stage Flat trigger, A5 buffertube and A5H2 buffer, magpul k...
  3. W

    SOLD LMT MWS 308 South American Contract Cancellation

    Up for sale is a 1 of 60 LMT MWS 308 South American Contract Cancellation. While LMT never confirmed who the South American contract was for, it's generally thought to have been Venezuela. The rifle is finished in Anodized Canteen Green. Rifle has never been fired, and comes like it did from...
  4. E

    SOLD LMT Quad MRP Upper

    13.25" MRP Upper 16" SS 16" CL Enhanced bolt, enhanced carrier, enhanced firing pin Badger G3 Charging handle all for 2400 shipped
  5. C

    Accessories Want to trade: My lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore for a 20" 6.5

    Hello, I am looking to trade my (like new) lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore barrel for the 20" version of the same barrel (in the same condition). Since lmt does not make the 24 anymore a 20 count box of some Hornady 6.5s in addition would be a nice cherry on top. Thanks!
  6. C

    Cutting LMT 6.5 CM 24" to 20"

    I have a 24" 6.5 cm barrel for my mws in 308 but it is a bit too long for me and I can definitely feel the weight when I am carrying it. Would cutting the barrel down to 20" be as straight forward as going to ADCO or is there other gas port work that would need to be done? (It is not piston)...
  7. C

    WTB LMT MWS 6.5 CM barrel

    Hello I am looking to buy a new or very lightly used LMT MWS 6.5 creedmore barrel. Please don't hesitate to PM or reply.
  8. _zadnc_

    SOLD LMT Tano Set (Quads)

    Selling my LMT Tano MRP Quads. 5.56 Cqb with 12” piston barrel and bcg, enhanced bolt, tano charging handle, tano lmt trigger guard, badger tan safety, Geissele SSA-E. MRP-L 16” SS barrel, ebcg, tano charging handle, fcd tano trigger guard, badger tan safety, Geissele HSNM. $SOLD ea or $SOLD...
  9. C

    WTB LMT specwar or rifle length upper

    Looking for a specwar or mlc m-lok rifle length upper. Seller has to have established feedback.
  10. C


    no longer looking
  11. C

    SOLD WTT Sig MCX Virtus Patrol & 6.75" 300 Blackout tacops barrel for LMT, KAC, NVG

    Want to trade out my lightly used Sig MCX Virtus Patrol in factory configuration with 16" 5.56 barrel, approx 600 rounds fired with no issues. Including a new, unfired 6.75" 300 blackout barrel, the same as used in the tacops variant. The extra barrel has the piston assembly, extra 5.56/300blk...
  12. H

    LMT MWS vs Sig MCX Spear

    I’m wanting to build a shortish large platform semi auto that can easily switch between 6.5, .308, and either the .277 fury or the 6.8 tvcm. I would likely add a 3.6-18 Leupold mk5 and maybe a RAPTAR down the road. I believe the lmt mws or the sig mcx spear would allow me to train with available...
  13. C

    Firearms FS/FT LMT LM8 MWS 308 with Burris XTR III 3.3-18x50

    Selling my Lewis Machine & Tool LM8 MWS chambered in 308/7.62x51. This model is fully ambidextrous with the exception of ambi bolt release seen on the MARS-H model. Offering the optic as as option, details below. Quite a few upgrades have been added to this rifle, making it a sweet shooter. Is...

    SOLD SOLD - New LMT MWS MLOK Upper receiver.

    Brand new LMT MWS (large frame) Upper receiver, never been assemble. This is the Mlok version with the 15” rail. Comes with the locking bolts. I picked this up 2 months ago after looking for one in stock for almost a year. My asking price is exactly what I paid for it. These are extremely hard...
  15. Mike173

    Firearms LMT MWS 6.5CM MLOK

    LMT MWS MLOK 20” 1/8 6.5CM barrel Geissele SSA-E trigger BCM grip Magpul PRS stock.(have the original box) 1X Magpul 20 round P mag MLOK bipod adapter Harris BRMS bipod $3000 $2800 OR BEST OFFER. Needs to go soon. No trades at this time
  16. E

    Firearms lmt mlc 10.5 upper

    Brand new unfired. Fitment tabs have not been filed. BCG was purchased new by me but was test fired by lmt. 890 for upper 400 for the barrel 300 for the bcg 89
  17. B

    Firearms LMT MWS FOR SALE

    $3275 shipped to your FFL. In-person exchange at an FFL in PA also welcomed. The following accessories are also included: - Harris 1A2-BRM Bipod - Drago Gear double gun case/bag This LMT MWS .308 was manufactured in Milan, IL in early 2015. It is the quad-rail version with a 10:1 twist...
  18. skyewalker

    Firearms 300PRC Stiller/Proof/MPA

    I’ve decided I’m going a completely different direction with my long range build. Listing a 300PRC chambered by Southwest action works, exactly 300rnds on the barrel, mostly of the pictured recipe. Action has 1800 rnds on it, it was originally a Accurate ordinance built 300WM. What’s included...


    SOLD Up for grabs - Black LMT SOPMOD stock. Lightly used and in great shape. Genuine LMT. Asking $150 shipped. Post here and PM if you want it.