1. Snaz

    Reloading Equipment *SOLD*: NIB Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop

    I have a NIB (never opened and still sealed via the factory label as shown in pic) Hornady Case Activated Powder Drop. This is the attachment to mount your Hornady powder thrower to your press that will only drop powder when pressed upwards by a cartridge case. THIS IS NOT A POWDER DISPENSER...
  2. C

    Forster Co-Ax vs. Hornady LnL?

    Guys, I want to get a single stage press (which will be my first press). For background: I'm not the type to get in cheap and then upgrade later. When it comes to tools, I'm generally never happy with "good enough". I like to start with high quality tools from the get go. So what I'm saying is...
  3. M

    Hornady LNL EZ-ject conversion

    I just got around to installing my conversion today, got my press apart then realized I was missing the 'spent primer tube tool.' Is it threaded? Is it something I could use a bolt in place of?
  4. R

    hornady lnl ap

    Just got my conversion kit to eliminate the stupid wire ejector. What a major improvement. Now I can really put out some rounds
  5. Jedi

    Hornady LNL AP

    Well after waiting forever I,m puting mine on bench overweekend First impression solid very slick Based on another user saying his flexed or whatever ZERO slop in ram assembly infact i,m so impressed i might even try doing match ammo on it I expect the 223 and 9mm it cranks will be more than...
  6. Doc Holiday13

    Hornay LNL Progressive in Stock

    At Natchez http://www.natchezss.com/product.cfm?contentID=productDetail&prodID=PC095100&src=tpCtg comes with 1000 free bullets
  7. Doc Holiday13

    Progressive Press Review: Hornady LNL AP

    So I got my LNL last week and got to use it this weekend. For people who just want to cut through all the in's and out's. The Press WILL ROCK YOUR FREAKING SOCKS OFF!! Now as with anyone looking to get into reloading. I highly recommend starting with a single stage press, simply because with...
  8. Jedi

    LNL AP ??

    Wondering what order and type of dies you guys are using for 223 mass production here what i,m thinking, station # 1. resize 2. prime 3.powder and flare case mouth 4. seat bullet 5. Taper crimp Did i miss something? or maybe there is better way of doing this? What you guys running in...
  9. Jedi

    Hornady AP LNL

    finally broke down and went full progressive, hornady AP LNL with case feeder Ordered shell lates for 9mm, 223 and 308 and some extra LNL bushings, already got redding comp dies on hand. Seems like i,m forgetting something? want to have everything on hand so i can start cranking out ammo...
  10. S

    LNL Power Case Prep Center Hornady

    I just got the Midsouth Shooters catalog and this thing is on the front page. I'm eyeballing it and it looks to be a giant pain in the ass for $313. Anyone have one that can do a review? Do you have to stop and screw each head in when switching tasks? I plan on sticking with the systems I...
  11. jonesturf

    Hornady 223 LNL Shellpalte - UPDATE FOUND W/ LINK

    Anybody know where I can get one, everywhere is out of stock?