1. S

    Photos Slow Roll in the dunes... lol

    you need one of these too TusconDave, 137 fph for slack time !
  2. R

    Okay.....Who is assigning the new titles? LOL

    General Nuisance? I am much more irritating than that! I have been watching them for the first time in a while. I am now off to Wikipedia to figure out Lindy's title.
  3. CDiPrecision

    Rifle Scopes Leica Geovids.. holy smokes,lol

    I ordered a pair of these this week ,and all I can say is wow..I got the 10z x 42. they are just plain bright and clear.. its amazing.. the RF works good too..:)
  4. B

    Gunsmithing muzzle brakes? help please lol

    Anyone know for sure or not if it is possible to have a aluminum muzzle brake? are there certain brakes for certain results? is it neccesary to brake a 22 250? and last but not least, is it a bad idea to make my own brake? keep in mind i have machining equipment and general gun knowledge but...