long range

  1. rpg777

    Firearms R700 6.5 CM Long Range Setup - Burris XTR III, Spuhr 4901, Magpul folder, Timney trigger *Price Drop*

    Selling my 6.5 Creedmoor long-range setup, as I am still recovering from back surgery and I just don't use this. Purchased used from a very reputable shop/gunsmith on the Front Range in Colorado; they built it up, the original owner put less than 200 rounds on it, and I only put another half...
  2. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Stable Platform

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage. This platform looks simple, but beware of the elevation angle relative to the targets that are about 30ft BELOW it. Enjoy!
  3. Gun_Slinger

    Custom aluminium riflestocks LARS chassis

    I've been looking around for a good custom aluminum riflestock for quite a while, and besides the old/usual names I recently came accross LARS riflestocks. Haven't seen one at the range yet, but on the internet they look impressively well made with attention to detail, and since I'm considering...
  4. The4GunGuy

    PRS Talk PRS Practice - Rock & Tires

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage with multiple props. Enjoy!
  5. C

    Accessories Want to trade: My lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore for a 20" 6.5

    Hello, I am looking to trade my (like new) lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore barrel for the 20" version of the same barrel (in the same condition). Since lmt does not make the 24 anymore a 20 count box of some Hornady 6.5s in addition would be a nice cherry on top. Thanks!
  6. G

    Snipery Illegal Sale ad

    Apparently I'm illiterate, and don't know how to read the forum rules about sales on the Hide....
  7. spartan5538

    input on Remington 700 project?

    I recently compiled a list of components for a .300 Win Mag I want to build in Remington 700 pattern. The goal was to find components that are high quality and light-weight. The idea is to build a long range rifle ideal for both hunting and precision shooting. Ideally this project will be...
  8. L

    Purchasing from GA Precision

    Hey everyone, Beginner here so if I ask a stupid question let me know. I'm looking to make a custom rifle as close to the M2010 as possible for training purposes. I would really like to use GA Precision to make the rig but so far contacting them has been impossible. I've called and left...
  9. Glassaholic

    Go Big or Go Home Survey

    Now that SHOT is wrapping up and we've seen some higher magnification FFP optics come out, I am curious if there is interest in an even higher magnification, why stop at 36x or 40x? Or do you feel we've reached "the top", either due to mirage issues at long range limiting higher magnification...
  10. D

    Terminus Zeus build.

    Little bit of the back story, I lost my Dad two years ago, and he is the man responsible for getting me into hunting, shooting, the military and long range. He started building a Ruger rolling block 7mm mag for me when he found out I was to be born. I have that rifle and his old Mauser Mod 2000...
  11. S

    6br tips

    hello all, the more a read about the 6br the more i think i will love it, so i'm going to build one (my first build unitl now only factory). For not spend too much i wanted use an howa 1500 SA (one-piece machined receiver and bolt)and a oryx or ess chassis. I want to use a cut-rifled barrel...
  12. I

    Firearms Badger M2008 6.5 SAUM Rifle

    Badger Ordnance M2008 Action KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Bartlein Barrel 6.5 SAUM Mack Bros Muzzle Break Complete Rifle. Ready to shoot $2000 for rifle Also have approximately 200 pcs of new 6.5 SAUM Hornady brass and 6.5 SAUM Hornady Dies for sale.
  13. Oryx_Official

    ORYX Black Friday Sale 3PM PST 25 November

    ORYX Black Friday This sale goes LIVE from 3pm PST on 25 Nov to Midnight 29 Nov $299.95 OFF FACTORY SECONDS CHASSIS 10% OFF REGULAR STOCK (including chassis and accessories) 40% OFF MAGAZINES genuine MDT polymer magazines. Available in FDE or Black in .308/6.5CM or .223 40% OFF ARCA RAIL...
  14. Oryx_Official

    Oryx (by MDT) New Brand Manager

    Hey everyone, My name is Corbin and I'm the new brand manager for Oryx. Going forward we're going to be developing Oryx as the gateway brand to get into precision shooting. I'll be using this account to help provide information on our current products and anything upcoming we have in the works...
  15. flatlandsurvival

    SOLD WTS Sako TRG 22 308 Win

    Up for consideration is my Sako TRG model 22 in 308 Winchester. I have owned this since new and have 108 rounds on the barrel. Comes with everything you see on the rifle as well as the original box. Here's a link should you need more info on this firearm...
  16. J

    Precision Rifle Gear .22 Caliber Cartridge for PRS/NRL

    Just curious to hear some folks’ experience and opinions on using a .22 Caliber cartridge for PRS style matches. With the newer bullets having BCs upwards of .5 and some interesting wildcats out there, I’d like to start a discussion. Obviously impacts and misses would be harder to spot but...
  17. Frontlinedefenseusa

    Training Courses Intro to Long Range Rifle August 7th-8th Frontline Defense NC. Rental Available

    Taught by formerly trained US Army/FBI/SRT Sniper Team Chief Paul Smith and Competitive Long Range Precision Rifle Shooter Dale Campo. Our Introduction to Long Range Rifle course will prepare you for ringing steel out to 1,000 yards, going on a hunting trip of a lifetime or getting involved in...
  18. 918williambrown

    Optics Maven rs4 5x30x56 brand new

    Brand new maven RS4 never mounted 1600 shipped. 5-30x56
  19. Matthew_Neske

    Looking for a 1,000 yard scope.

    I Ave built my own bolty on a Howa 1500 barreled action 24” with a MDT chassis and stock and have a Leupold VX-3L 4-12X50 scope and currently at 100 yards I am holes on holes. I am curious if there is a scope out there with in the price range of $600-$1,500 that is accurate out to 1,000 yards
  20. GuardianLongRange

    Guardian - Altus - September 4-5

    One of the best shooting venues on the east coast - combined with one of the best charities. September 4-5 at Altus Shooting Solutions, the Guardian will be having a 2-day weekend competition. $250 tax-deductible donation to the Guardian with all the proceeds going to help orphans and foster...