1. C

    Optics Leupold Mark 6 1-6, IMS 35mm mount

    Leupold Mark 6 1-6. Great condition, glass is flawless. Reticle is 7.62 CMR-W. Badger mount not included. Asking $1400 shipped Leupold IMS 35mm 20 moa mount- $115 shipped
  2. HandymanHans

    SOLD Nightforce NX8 1-8 FC-DMX RETICLE

    New Nightforce NX8 1-8 FC-DMX Reticle. This is the current generation version with the ATACR reticle and capped turrets. My current favorite lpvo. Have an extra that is on the chopping block. Comes with everything as new from Nightforce. 1520.00 shipped
  3. rpg777

    SOLD SWFA SS 1-4 Illuminated LPVO

    SWFA "SS" 1-4 LPVO, SFP, 30mm tube, mil reticle. Glass is crystal, illumination is great, and reticle is fantastic for this use case. Sturdy, lifetime warranty, light enough. Non-capped turrets (both), and includes basic flip-up caps. Great scope and barely used at all by me, I just have crap...
  4. guillermo415

    Optics FS: Vortex Razor Gen3 1-10 EBR 9 Mil price drop

    Selling used but excellent condition Vortex Razor Gen 3 1-10 with mil reticle. Mounted and shot a few times for zero. Illum and glass are in excellent condition. Mount not included Will accept zelle or cashiers check $1700 shipped
  5. Nohandedshooter

    SOLD Eotech Vudu 1-10 FFP SR5 w/ Vortex Precision 20MOA Cantilever Mount.

    Looking to sale my Vudu 1-10 FFP w/ SR5 Reticle & Vortex 20MOA mount. Great glass just deciding to go a different route. 1250$ + Shipping Possible trades: NX8 FFP, Range finding Binos
  6. Crypt_keeper

    Optics Shepherd Phantom (Japan) 1-6x24 LPVO, 30mm tube, Illum, FFP, T1 BDC ret.

    Selling my practically new Japan-made Shepherd Phantom 1-6x24 LPVO. Mounted, sighted, then put in the safe. Sold the AR it was on so I no longer need it. Extremely rugged with super clear HD glass...especially at this price point. The glass-etched, illuminated, first focal plane T1 BDC...
  7. N

    SOLD Razor Gen 2 NON E 1-6 Mil W P.O battery cap 975 shipped

    Gen 2 razor 1-6 mil reticle. Some use marks, nothing bad. Will come with throw lever and premium outfitters battery cap. Just got it back from vortex (they replaced the illumination chip and gave it a clean bill of health) ONLY TRADES would be a comp m5s on a 1.93 or a comp m4s on a unity...
  8. snarles22

    Optics Nightforce ATACR 1-8 for sale

    For Sale Nightforce ATACR 1-8 F1 $2300 used in great condition very low round count, has box and manual. Comes with everything pictured. $2300 shipped CONUS More pics can be provided if requested.
  9. snarles22

    Optics For Sale: Nightforce ATACR 1-8

    For Sale: Nightforce ATACR 1-8 $2350 shipped CONUS used no visible salt, comes with box and everything pictured. Please see pictures, if you have any more questions or need more pics I'd be happy to oblige. $2350 shipped CONUS
  10. S


    Been here over 2 years and don't know the rules?
  11. J

    SOLD Razor Gen III 1-10 MRAD

    Have decided to sell my Vortex Razor 1-10, the MRAD version. Currently mounted in a Sig Alpha 3 mount (their top tier that comes with titanium hardware and weighs only 5 ounces). Price for scope is 1750. If anyone wants the mount I can also include for another $150. Would prefer cash at this...
  12. C

    Optics Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10 w/ Scalarworks mount

    Razor gen III 1-10 MRAD with scalarworks 1.93" mount. Lightly used, just a few rub marks on illumination dial. Both optic and mount come with original boxes. Asking 1950 shipped. Trade interests are primarily an EXPS 3 Eotech with cash on top but feel free to offer. Reach out with any questions!
  13. R

    Sometimes budget parts agree!

    This is more of an “I got lucky” post rather than a “follow my lead” post as I believe spending money on quality gear the first time has the greatest chance of achieving your goals (all else equal). Anyway, I kinda built an extra rifle around a barrel I got for a good price. Said barrel is an...
  14. B

    Rifle Scopes WTBe banned

    Go read the site rules you agreed to when joining. Do this again and you will be banned.
  15. N

    SOLD Salty p4xi, mount options available

    Steiner p4xi 1-4. Was painted and the stripper took off some lettering. Optic works as it should. 440 shipped. If you want to pair it with the spuhr rings or arms mount I have I’ll cut a deal Will trade for a silver leupold for my BLrR. Gloss leupold, or just an older vx3 2.5-8 Other options...
  16. H

    LPVO Scope Selection Help

    What is the platform for the scope? Lever What cartridge are you shooting? 45-70 Gov What is your intended use for the scope? Hunting and target What type of conditions will you typically shoot in? Daylight, limited lowlight What are the typical distances you intend to shoot? 300 yards Are there...
  17. A

    Optics Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10

    Excellent Gen III Razor 1-10. It’s sitting on my Mini Fix at the moment . Comes with American Defense quick detach mount . Scope body and glass are flawless . Windage cap has a tiny shine mark (in pics) . Comes with factory box and papers, throw lever . In Arkansas $1600 shipped . USPS...
  18. BornLifted

    Optics WTT My Vortex StrikeEagle 1-8

    Happy New Year ya filthy animals! I’m looking to change out my optic set up on my 223wylde build. I have a vortex 1-8, illuminated, sitting in a one piece cantilever vortex mount, vortex throw lever, and flip up caps. It has the AR-BDC2 reticle. It has been on my 20inch 223wylde build, very...
  19. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Vortex strike eagle 1-8 sfp

    Selling my strike eagle 1-8x24 sfp lpvo in moa with illuminated Bdc reticle in a vortex mount with throw lever and butler creek caps. What you see is what you get. I don’t have a box or paperwork. Looking to get $300 shipped. SOLD
  20. R


    I'm outfitting my first AR. It's going to be 16 aero 223 Wylde enhanced upper with a full length picatinny handguard. I bought a Burris RT6 LPVO for it. I want to run front and rear BUIS and a GG&G QD scope mount. Unfortunately GG&G but make three different offset QD scope mounts and don't know...