1. grassy knoll

    Optics Vortex Razor HD 1-6 Gen2-E

    Vortex Razor HD 1-6 Gen2-E. Like new. Comes with everything, in the same box it shipped in. $985 shipped.
  2. T

    Optics (NEW) Vortex Razor Gen iii 1-10 x24 MRAD W/ Badger Ordnance FDE COMM Mount.

    Brand New Vortex Razor Gen iii 1-10x24 MRAD LPVO. With the Badger Ordnance FDE 1.93 COMM Mount. I bought both together about 4 months ago and haven't used either they have been sitting together on the rifle in the photo in my gun safe. Both the scope and mount are immaculate and neither have...
  3. freedom71

    Optics Schmidt Bender 1-8x24 ShortDot Dual CC

    FOR SALE: Schmidt Bender 1-8x24 PMII ShortDot Dual CC black scope with MDR-T6 reticle and CCW ST LT MTC (model no. 683-811-43E-K2H2). Excellent, like-new condition. Comes with original box, accessories, papers. Bought it but then went in another direction with my rifles/scopes. Has been...
  4. C

    Optics Leupold Mark 6 1-6

    Leupold Mark 6 1-6 TMR-D reticle with MK6 mount. Scope has been on a safe queen, glass is flawless. Really an amazing optic. Comes with original box and all papers. Asking $1900 with the mount. Trade interests are 1-10 FFP, Bren 2ms, or ACR. Cross-posted. Thanks for looking!
  5. Link LQ Chen

    Ring or mount height commonly used

    HI fellows, I am working on the design of a 2.5-15 power MPVO concept that needs to determine the obj size The current option is 34mm max to clear 0.8 in height rings and 44mm to clear 1in the ring or mount height. Which one do yall prefer?
  6. KeithStone

    Optics Eotech Vudu 1-6 SR1 *Trades Added

    Scope is like new and is setting in a seekins 0moa mount $1175 It is a mil reticle with .2 adjustments Trades Custom actions Carbon 6.5 blank TT Diamond 2 stage RRS tripod Anvil 30
  7. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Atibal 1-10 lpvo in ADM mount

    selling my Atibal LPVO 1-10x30 with illuminated ffp mil reticle, in ADM recon mount. I am looking to sell for $500shipped Trade 556 uppers 6arc ar barrel Geissele super 700 Geissele two stage ar triggers 36mm spuhr mount
  8. Billiam1211

    SOLD WTS - Primary Arms PLX 1-8x Griffin MIL / American Defense 34mm Recon Mount

    Considering selling my: - Primary Arms PLX 1-8x with the Griffin MIL reticle. [SOLD] - American Defense Recon 34mm 0 MOA - Vortex 34mm LOPRO bubble level [SOLD] Comes with the original box, wrench, manuals, etc and optic is in like new condition. I'd like to move this quickly so send me an...
  9. J

    Optics Leupold CQBSS 1-8X & KAC mount

    Excellent condition with normal abrasion from being mounted atop of a AR15. Super clear optics. Absolutely no issues. New these were 3600 ish plus a 300.00 mount. Sell for 2500.00.
  10. JimmyJr

    Alpha Tarac. Thoughts, comments, opinions.

    I am interested in an Alpha Tarac. I have not used one, yet, but might try one out on my AR-15 and see how I do out to around 500 yards. I like how this one flips down then right up when needed, as opposed to competitors that are fixed. Chime in if you have experience or thoughts or just want to...
  11. Mike173

    Optics ATACR 1-8 F1 C653

    Mounted on a rifle I choose to sell a week after finally getting this. Everything that is included as new plus NF 34mm 1.5” unimount Asking $2600 for all of it, which is an absolute steal considering they’re $2800 new(this one is a week old) and the mount itself is $260. Thanks for looking.
  12. W

    Rifle Scopes Delta Stryker 1-6x24 LPVO Durability?

    Hi all, this is my first post here! I'm looking for an LPVO to put on a 16" .223 Wylde AR, and from everything I've seen and read, the Delta Stryker LPVO seems fantastic. Clear glass, true 1x, easy to get behind, repeatable turrets, etc. Koshkin's and C_Does' videos really impressed me and have...
  13. grassy knoll

    SOLD Scalarworks 30mm 1.57” LEAP Mount

    Scalarworks 30mm 1.57” LEAP Mount. I tried it out with my Vortex Razor but am going to do the 1.93” instead. Never seen range time. $350 shipped.
  14. D

    LPVO Thoughts

    Am I the only one that thinks the main purpose of an LPVO is being missed by manufacturers because of the following thoughts? When I think of an LPVO, I think CQB to beginning of long range about 500 to 600 yards. I think of wanting wide FOV and DOF. I think of no turret adjustments, just using...
  15. B

    LPVO/Red Dot

    Hey guys, first post here but have referred to forums on here a long time while doing research for a number of things. I have a question I know has probably been beat to hell but have a decision to make soon and want some input. The question is LPVO vs Red Dot and here’s a rundown on the...
  16. B

    LPVO/Red Dot

    Hey guys, first post here but have referred to forums on here a long time while doing research for a number of things. I have a question I know has probably been beat to hell but have a decision to make soon and want some input. The question is LPVO vs Red Dot and here’s a rundown on the...
  17. A

    SOLD WTS: Vortex Viper PST Gen2 1-6x24

    Gen 2 PST 1-6x24. SFP. MOA. Comes with Seekins precision low rings. The only scuff marks I could find are on the battery compartment (see pictures). Glass is clean. $510 shipped Money order or pay pal you cover fees. Edit: spots seen in glass pic are from my camera they are not on the glass
  18. O

    Optics Vortex Razor gen ii e 1-6

    I have a like new Vortex Razor gen ii e 1-6 with JM-1 reticle with razor throw lever in a geissele mount for sale $1,350 paypal shipped. This is my first account over here because I was just banned on ar15.com for having two accounts, One was my personal and the other was for the whole family...
  19. G

    1-6 LPVO-- Vortex or Sig?

    Looking for input for a LPVO. I've used a Trijicon accupoint 1-4 on my general purpose AR for years, and I'm looking at getting something with a higher magnification range. I'm looking for something durable, preferably SFP, and between $ 1100-1500. Two contenders are the Razor gen ii e or the...
  20. freedom71

    SOLD Minox ZP 1-8x24 with MR10+ Reticle

    For sale: Minox ZP 1-8x24 with MR10+ reticle. Lightly used, like new. Everything works great. I bought this a two years ago to compare with a couple of other LPVOs. Chose another LPVO, but kept this as a backup in case I changed my mind. It's been in my drawer most of the time. Thought I'd go...