1. F

    CDI Mauser Bottom metal HELP

    Afternoon One and All I've recently picked up a Parker Hale 1200 TX. Sorry to say, she's lived a pretty sad life. Stock is beat up, Bolt has had a cheap and tacky skull soldered on for a knob, scope base soldered in place. Barrel is shot. But the action and trigger are mint. As those of you...
  2. Swift and bold

    Parker hale M82, 1200tx, C3 identification

    Several years ago I purchased a Parker hale 7.62 bolt action custom rifle unbelievably accurate! Needing a some clarity here from more experienced persons than myself. I'm ex British forces rifleman and we'll experienced with the SLR L1A1. I now live in Australia I picked up the PH 7.62 to keep...