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Oct 21, 2020
New Zealand
Afternoon One and All

I've recently picked up a Parker Hale 1200 TX. Sorry to say, she's lived a pretty sad life. Stock is beat up, Bolt has had a cheap and tacky skull soldered on for a knob, scope base soldered in place. Barrel is shot.

But the action and trigger are mint. As those of you in the know know, these are the sweetest of the Mauser actions, and the best triggers fitted then or now to one!

I've managed to remove the parts erroneously soldered on, and am starting to refinish the stock. Given the sad state she's in, I wont be looking to take her back to original, Instead I'm going to go with a more tasteful modernisation with the aim of having a rifle for casual PRS type competition.
I've got the wood working skills to inlet new bottom metal, an internal cheek riser and QD sling studs and checker the stock, and a good friend who spins up all my barrels.

The part I need the communities help with is the Bottom Metal:
I know that CDI made a Mauser DBM for AICS mags. And in can feel it in my bones that someone out there has one going un-loved. Be it leftover inventory, A project that never happened or a rifle that changed plans.

If you have one, Or know of one somewhere in the wild, even have big foot style pictures of one roaming free let me know!