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  1. P

    Accessories Orias 700 SA Chasis with accessories

    Orias keymod chassis in good condition for Remington SA or clones. Would prefer to sell as one with the following accessories but may consider splitting up. There are a few signs of wear, see pictures. Let me know if you have any questions. Magpul PRS Gen 3 MDT Vertical Grip RRS chassis...
  2. M

    SOLD Magpul bipod

    Magpul bipod in good condition. Picatinny mount. $60 tyd PayPal f&f
  3. TheMoondog

    New Magpul DAKA Grid

    I was asked what was the most interesting thing I saw at Shot Show this year and I replied, "Its not a gun." Sometimes you see a product that is so simple and obvious that it's brilliant. In two simple words: foam LEGO bricks. DAKA is the brand name of Magpul's non-firearms brand which puts...
  4. K

    Optics KAC front sight and Magpul rear pro sight

    Like new KAC front sight and Magpul rear pro sight. $100 shipped for the set
  5. K

    Optics Magpul pro rear sight

    Like new Magpul pro rear sight. $50 paypal shipped. Comes with box as well
  6. K

    Optics Magpul Rear pro sight

    Like new magpul pro rear sight. $60 zelle/paypal shipped.
  7. B

    Magpul Pro 700LA Folding Hinge Adapter

    I have a Pro 700 fixed stock chassis in ODG. Magpul's website has sold out of the FHA (folding hinge adapters), no other seller seems to have any after searching google until my eyes dried out. Anyone know where I might be able to find one? I've even emailed Magpul customer service and got the...
  8. mavrick10_2000

    Accessories AR Parts/Accessories, CMT, VTAC, DD, Magpul and more

    I lost track of how many extra parts I had on hand during builds over the last several years. Help me clean up my space and save big over our current inflationary market pricing. I have good references here and elsewhere. The site hosting changes since 2009 have wiped out all of my old posts...
  9. K

    Optics Magpul pro rear sight

    Like new magpul pro rear sight. $75 paypal shipped
  10. rpg777

    SOLD Magpul 700 Pro Folder R700 SA

    For sale is a like-new Magpul Pro 700 folding chassis, black. Comes with two grips, action screws, has the folding stock and M-Lok attachment points all along the foregrip. This folding section is the best out there in my opinion. This chassis is also ambi. I just have ARCA everything and don't...
  11. rpg777

    SOLD Bipods For Sale: Atlas PSR, Magpul

    Got two bipods for sale: Magpul M-Lok: $55 shipped Atlas BT46-NC (PSR) w/MPA RAT ARCA clamp: $300 shipped, or: bipod only: $240 shipped MPA RAT Adapter only: $75 shipped The Atlas and the MPA adapter are both basically brand new, been on about four or five range trips and sat on a bench. I...
  12. O

    Accessories Magpul Hunter Stock

    Magpul Hunter Stock- Remington 700 Short Action,Gray. Brand new, never used. Has not even left the box! (Magpul does include action screws or bottom metal in the packaging.) $165 Shipped hunter-700-stock-remington-700-short-action.html
  13. T

    SOLD WTS Magpul 700L Pro Chassis. OD Green

    For Sale, No Trades. BNIB. Magpul 700L Pro Chassis in OD Green. Long action fixed stock. Comes with two magazines and extra pistol grip. Price is shipped via UPS. Paypal and Venmo Freinds & Family only! $700 shipped.
  14. rubiconscott

    Firearms NEW Colt CR6920 16” carbine

    For Sale SOLD Brand new unfired ( outside the factory) Colt CR6920 Keyhole Cero Forged upper 7075 receivers 16” government profile barrel. 5.56 NATO 1/7 twist Magpul mlock hand guard Magpul BUIS Magpul foregrip BCM gunfighter charging handle “C” marked white dot BCG I will include a Gearsquatch...
  15. M

    Accessories MPA cheek riser, MPA night vision rail, Crossbreed hardware, and shooting stick

    Cleaning out the gunroom. PayPal F+F. Add 3% for PayPal Goods and Services Here's the prices shipped... $50 MPA Cheek Riser (cut open the pad to unscrew) $50 MPA BA Comp Night Vision Bridge with Pic Rail $20 alone or $10 with something else - Crossbreed IWB Holster Hardware $20 alone or $10...
  16. SortOfClear

    Accessories Rifle stocks: Matrix, Magpul, CZ457

    Selling a few stocks off as I have been figuring out my preferences. All stocks are used and up for reasonable haggling. Discreet Paypal FF preferred. R700 SA RH: $SOLD MPA Matrix -grenade chassis -original NV bridge -pic rail spigot -3d printed bag rider and forearm bridge, no extra grips...
  17. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Magpul MS1 Padded sling - $40 shipped

    Black, great condition. $40 shipped conus
  18. M

    KRG Bag Rider M Lok?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone has used a KRG bag rider on a non KRG chassis. I have a Magpul 700 Pro chassis with two m lok slots at the bottom of the buttstock. I'm wondering how it would function if I get m lok hardware and mount a KRG heavy bag rider to it, and if that's even possible...
  19. K

    SOLD New surefire scout 340c with pressure pad and new magpul pro sights.

    I have a pair of Magpul pro sights and a surefire scout 340c with surefire ue07 pressure pad. Everything is brand new. $260 for the light and pressure pad and $100 for the magpul pros or $350 for everything shipped.
  20. J

    SOLD MDT ACC Internal Weight Set / MDT Spare Round Holder

    MDT ACC Internal Weight Set w/ hardware $125 shipped to lower 48 MDT M-LOK MULTI-CALIBER SPARE ROUND HOLDER $40 shipped to lower 48 Magpul AICS Pmags (2x used 2x brand new) $90 shipped to lower 48 for all 4