1. Oryx_Official

    Shooting Safely on Public Lands

    Since I've never seen many resources for public land shooting I thought it might be a decent idea to write about how ranges are templated. It's something I learned in the military but can also apply to public land use for long range shooting, matches (which I know some guys that do this) or even...
  2. lowlight

    April 18th 1988 - Operation Praying Mantis

    On this day, April 18th, 1988, as part of MAGTF 2-88 we engaged in Operation Praying Mantis Iranian Oil Platforms we landed on News Video of the Operation <iframe width="640" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> We lost a Cobra...
  3. V

    Need some help please

    So i want to join the Marines really really badly. My only problem is with the VA sending their letters disarming vets scares me, Of course i love guns so if i join, and i come back what if they put on my record that i have mental disabilities and i cant buy guns? I would probably die if that...
  4. DarinR

    Why did Marines go from M70 Win to M700 Rem?

    Did they find the M70 had shortcomings or was it budget/availability based? Just curious why it happened. The more I learn about the M70, I more I like it. Thanks, Darin Reiss