1. Alaskaman11

    Help from the Wind Masters

    Ok Wind Masters got a question…. I was shooting on a beach up here in the great north. I had targets set at 300, 500, and 1000 yards. I had good dope for 3 and 5 but the wind was giving me a hard time at 1000. 3 to 500 I was 4 mph at ¼ values (at my 5 o’clock) my software was calling for 1...
  2. Jrb572

    Federal gm 210m and charge masters in stock

    Grafs in St. Charles Mo. has 5 1000 count 210 m primers and I saw a 1-2 chargemasters there. I got my thousand for 39 dollars Inc tax. 636-946-7468. Hope somebody needs them hope it helps someone out