1. NorCal Vu

    Need maximum rage data.

    Gentlemen, I need data for some research that is being done at our local range. Could someone give me the maximum range..not effective but how far can a bullet travel for the following calibers. Will need maximum range and the angle it needs to be fired at to achieve its maximum range. Thank...
  2. D

    Rifle Scopes $1200 maximum on an optic...which one?

    If I want to spend no more than $1200 on an optic for a .308 which will be used for a couple of classes and casual shooting, what is the recommendation? I currently use a Mark IV Leupold 3.5-10x40 M1 with TMR. Would likely prefer a variable but fixed would be fine, too. I don't want any...
  3. D

    Range Report Maximum ordinace

    Does any know which of the ballistic software will also give you the maximum ordinace value? I am thinking of getting a software for a handheld PDA. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.