1. 4

    Let's See Some McMillan A5's

    Let's see some McMillan A5's. Trying to decide what colors to go with. Looking to do a marble finish. Thanks guys !
  2. M

    McMillian A5 cheekpiece?

    I have an A5 on a rem 700 and have shot it for a few years. It does NOT have an adjustable cheekpiece. When lying in prone if I relax my head tips forward and I end up looking at the back of the bolt instead of through the scope. (Like when I am doing NPOA checks or on the firing line for a...
  3. dar1246

    Gunsmithing A-4 McMillian stocks

    I installed the stocks with a badger m5 floorplate on 3 rifles. Torgue them down to 53pds. Now they will not group. Should I have to bed them.I need some help.