mcree chassis

  1. curtisfriesz

    SOLD Mcree side folding chassis R700

    Mcree G7 FDE tan short action side folding chassis for RH Remington 700 and clones. Does have slight wear marks in the mag well. $350 shipped to your door. Accept Venmo, cash app, or Apple Pay.
  2. B

    Firearms Rem 700 .260/.308 for sale

    I have a Remington 700, Mcree G10 folding chassis, timney trigger, custom bolt handle, badger base, 22" medium palma 1:8 .260 Remington Krieger, and 22" 1:10 .308 with a rem/age style barrel nut. .308 barrel came from Mcree and shoots sub 6" at 1000 with 185 berger hybrids. .260 barrels shoots...
  3. S

    Finally!!!! I'm a little estatic!

    Well Gents, its been a full deployment and a solid couple more months added on since I sent my basically standard Remington 700 SPS Varmint in to Deadly Precision Gunsmithing. This is my first full custom build and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am STOKED about getting my rifle. I just got...