1. lowlight

    100,000 registered members, thanks to all who contribute

    Today at 2:55MST we reached 100,000 registered members ! I want to thank all the members over the years who have made this site what it is today. I really appreciate the support, especially with the recent TR farce we are being subjected too. You guys (and women) have stepped up and...
  2. jason_mazzy

    Maggie’s is there an intro thread for new members?

    well I'm new to the forum and am looking for a place to intro. maybe I'm blind or dumb, but I dint notice one. could someone point me in the right direction?
  3. D

    Member Link Up Central Cali Hide Members / San Joaquin Valley

    Any other hide members around these parts? I like to shoot with other people, helps me learn. I have exclusive access to 1000-1200 yards and would be open to others shooting here as well. The berms on the 600-1000 yard range are not that tall, so I would ask that you know your dope close enough...
  4. Target In Sight

    Member Link Up Shooting with Hide members

    Hi all, Just want to share with you all about the range trip we had this past friday. Hide member "McCrazy" was very nice responding to my 1st post, and invited me to go shoot with them. I finally made it this time at the Angeles range in S.Cal. The place has paper targets out to 200 yards...
  5. wjwill

    Member Link Up Louisiana members.. check in here.

    So just how many of us from Louisiana are on this board. Destrehan here
  6. rsracer65

    Member Link Up MN Members 2nd Annual Bauer Arms BBQ Sat 30th

    Hey everyone, We will be hosting a BBQ here at the house this weekend the 30th, feel free to swing by and have a burger or brat and have a good time! We will have burgers, brats, dogs, & chicken along with a few types of sodas if you want to bring something to share feel free to do so! Also if...
  7. The King

    Member Link Up Colorado Members Camping/Shooting Trip PICS!

    The camping/shooting trip this weekend was a fantastic success. This was a 3 day camping/shooting event with a match. All proceeds from the match go to help fight breast cancer. Pictures
  8. paulholcomb

    Member Link Up Colorado Members Camping/Shooting trip 3/13-3/15

    Hey guys...some of us Colorado guys are getting together to do a weekend camping and shooting trip in the geographical center of Colorado! JP Outfitters will supply the tents and ALL cooking utensils as well as the food. Please bring your own sleeping bags/cots and let me know that you will...
  9. W

    Member Link Up PA members 2nd Amendment March

    Set for April.
  10. Liberator TJ1984

    Maggie’s Hide Members Needed !!!

    I know you guys and gals are always interested in looking for opportunities for investment. I don't know if you would be interested in this, but I thought I would mention it to you because it could be a real sleeper in making a lot of money with very little investment. A group of us is...