Maggie’s  is there an intro thread for new members?

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  • Aug 10, 2001
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    Re: is there an intro thread for new members?

    Welcome aboard The 'Hide. Most O/T (Off Topic) subjects are dealt with on the S-2 forum. Marines are easy, you treat us decent, we treat you decent.

    We generally like to know what sort of shooting you're into, and a lot of folks will appreciate your filling in the blanks about your personal info in your user profile.

    We like showing off by answering question. Often you'll get a number of different approaches to a question. Take it in stride, all it really means is that there's usually more'n one way to defur any given feline.

    Sometimes you'll run afoul of folks who like to argue. Don't let the bastards wear ya down. You take the bait, you pick up the gauntlet, you're on your own. No-one will think the less of you for behaving like a gentleman.


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    Feb 16, 2002
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    Re: is there an intro thread for new members?

    Welcome to the Hide. Come on in and join the many and varied conversations.

    If you know something about a given thread post your experience. If not, you're welcome to sit back and absorb what you wish.

    Most of us older folk really appreciate it if you fill out your profile if you haven’t already.

    Once again, nice to have you here.


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    Oct 7, 2008
    Re: is there an intro thread for new members?

    i first joined because of these:

    rifles forum


    optics forum

    there's a wealth of info in the FAQ thread @ each of those forums, especially the optics forum


    oh, and don't forget to NOT post anything political including hilarious pics of the current President