1. vmpglenn

    Please offer suggestions for a tube gun 'smith

    Not having enough time as I'd like to shoot (much less gunsmith), I'm looking to have a smith put a quality tube gun together for me. Since Randy at R&D Precision is not taking any work right now, do you have any suggestions for whom I might contact? Thank you.
  2. Jimmy2Times

    Gunsmithing 'Smith to bed a rifle in Northern MA, S. NH, ME?

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a smith who can bed a couple of rifles in the New England area, specifically north eastern MA, or south eastern NH or ME. Every man must know his limits, and unfortunately a DIY bed job is way beyond my ability. I just assume have a pro do it and not mess up my 2K+...
  3. rweldon

    Gunsmithing Need some 'smith advice on an AR problem.

    I was putting a new grip (tangodown battlegrip) on my Colt 6920 when after I removed the grip screw, a small spring fell out along with a small gold colored pin, then my safety went kind of limp. How does this stuff go back together? thanks