mk 13

  1. Kyle_dixon_hismouth

    SPF - [WTS] - New LA Remington MARS Rail - 0 MOA - Unicorn Condition for Mk13 Mod 2 / 5 & M24 a2 a3

    I've been searching for MK13 mod parts everyday for the past year and a half and I'm sad to post this but up for sale is a rare unicorn, i haven't seen any of these posted anywhere for at least 6 months and before that they're mostly used/painted and short action. Great for MK13 Mod 2 & 5 and...
  2. Sniperstud

    SOLD - FS: Accuracy International Pre-14 LA AX chassis - SOLD

    I’m selling my barely used pre-14 AX chassis. It fits a long Action Remington 700, and comes with one 300 WM magazine. It also includes the forend rail, and the action rail. This provides a full length top rail with 20 moa built in. It also includes the optional thumbscrews for the comb...
  3. Sniperstud

    FS - Rem 700 .300WM in AICS AX chassis - B/A SOLD

    I’ve decided to sell my Remington 700 .300WM. I bought the rifle as a model 700 Long Range. My intention was to build it into a loose approximation of a Mk 13 Mod 7. I mounted it in a brand new pre-14 AICS AX chassis. I added the AI thumbscrews to the butt, as well as installing an AI 20 MOA...