1. A

    Rimfire ***SOLD***

    Vudoo v22 gen 2, jewell HVR trigger, MPA BA chassis. MPA has the ultra bag rider on it and is folding. Excellent set up, couldn’t ask for a better shooting .22. Has 650 rounds down the pipe. The smaller group in the pics was at 50 yard, the slightly larger one was 100, both 10 shots. Not looking...
  2. J

    MPA Brakes - The bore on this thing is huge and I thought they used Alamo’s Cowl Induction... normal?

    So I picked up a 6.5mm “MPA Premium Bolt Action Muzzle Brake” at a good price (lightly used). The self-timing one that’s black nitride with the 4 ports and has DN3 written on it. I thought these used the licensed Alamo Four Star “cowl induction” baffles that performed out really awesome in...
  3. gcmiller04

    Accessories WTT MPA BA comp chassis for stock

    Looking to trade my R700 SA MPA BA Comp chassis for a R700 SA stock of equal value or cash on your end. Interested mainly in lighter Manners stocks (EH1/LRH) and McMillan stocks (A3/A3-5/A4/A5) Will also consider Grayboe with cash if its right.
  4. Vivacious Stallion

    Accessories MPA Brass Catcher

    Hello Hide members, I have a once mounted MPA brass catcher for anything with a pic rail. Quality of the item is great and it also comes with the longer arm pieces to extend the catcher out further if needed. It is in the original box with all the parts. Reason for selling is that I just never...
  5. moto216

    Accessories WTS - MPA BA Comp Rear stock assm

    New condition, never used. Swapped it out for a folder. Sniper Green. Fits BA Comp chassis. $120 or make offer. PayPal F&F preferred. If you can't do that, we can discuss alternate methods. Includes shipping and insurance to CONTUS. Thank you.
  6. kwelhand

    SOLD MPA RAT Barricade Stop / Masterpiece Arms ---- Pictures Inside

    MPA RAT Barricade Stop / Masterpiece Arms $89 shipped SOLD! Mint condition. Spec here: Discreet Paypal Gift or add 3.5% to our PayPal family account.
  7. tripingram

    Accessories glock mags and barrel

    I have 5x Glock 40 S&W full size mags. Gen 4 15 Rnd mags with +5 extentions. 3 With Dawson Precision black base pads and springs and 2 with Taran Tactical blue with springs. $45 each plus flat rate shipping $8.45 All 5 shipped $200 1x Gen 4 Glock 35 Lone Wolf Extended and Ported barrel 700-800...
  8. R

    Barrel Clearance

    I just received 2 new Benchmark MTU barrels from Straight Jacket Armory. First thing I noticed when mounting them in my MPA chassis is that the barrel very close to the first set of ribs in the barrel channel. Once the action screws are torqued, I can just slip a piece of paper between the...
  9. ucsfl05

    MK Machining grip on MPA

    MK Machining is legit awesome. Their pro lever is perfection. Their customer service is amazing. Im interested in their grip- Anyone have experience with how the following fits on an MPA chassis? I have the EVG grip and am wondering if I could save some weight. How does the thumb rest fit with...
  10. and1globetrot00

    Masterpiece arms lead times??

    Does anyone know if masterpiece arms lead times that are posted on their website are accurate or not. I'm looking to buy a 6mm creedmoor pmr rifle from them but waiting 20-24 weeks is STEEP. Anyone bought something from them with a less than listed wait time?
  11. unoigo

    SOLD MPA Hybrid Chassis FDE

    *SPF* Slightly used but in great overall condition. A few marks here and there from handling but nothing major. Rail is clean and no rash from barricades, etc. in FDE for R700 and clone footprints. includes the following: adjustable mag latch, extended mag release, bag rider. the head of the...
  12. LucasRaymond

    Firearms MPA 6.5 CM Hybrid Hunter - RH

    Masterpiece Arms Hybrid Hunter SS- 6.5 Creedmoor -Curtis Axiom action with spiral fluted 1:8 twist MPA barrel 22" -MPA 6.5 Muzzle break -(2) 5 round mags AICS -Triggertech special trigger (set at 1lb 6oz) -gun has ~100 rounds through it (Hornady Match) -gun weighs 10.1lbs without bipod (not...
  13. N

    Accessories MPA BA w accessories for trade

    Looking to trade my MPA BA comp chassis with bag rider, RAT barricade system, 2 round holder, cheek riser pad in black for a manners/foundation inletted for a curtis axiom. (I will add cash for the right deal). Ideally looking for a Genesis 2, PRS-1/2. Will consider others, as long as it is...
  14. LucasRaymond

    Firearms MPA Hybrid Hunter - 6.5 Creedmoor

    MPA Hybrid Hunter SS- 6.5 Creedmoor -Curtis Axiom action with spiral fluted 1:8 twist MPA barrel -MPA 6.5 Muzzle break -(2) 5 round mags AICS -Triggertech special trigger -gun has ~100 rounds through it (Hornady Match) -gun weighs 10.1lbs without bipod (not included) -planned on using this for...
  15. X

    Firearms MasterPiece Arms 300 PRC

    MPA 300 PRC - $4500 Curtis Helix Action 26" Barrel 1:9 Twist MPA Muzzle Break Vortex Razor 4.5x27.56 EBR-7C MRAD Atlas Bipod RAT Adapter MPA one piece 34mm scope mount Trigger Tech 1 mag. Includes Dope book. Dialed in with 77.7 g/H1000 & Berger Hybrid 215's Will ship to FFL dealer only...
  16. pewpew300WM

    Optics Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 (EBR7-C) MRAD

    I purchased this optic new roughly a year ago for a long range build. I shot 50 rounds from my 300WM when it was sent back for warranty repair due to the travel limit breaking off. I just received the optic back from Vortex. I would like to sale it as a package deal with a mpa ba 1.125 (0 moa)...
  17. Tritiumdials

    SOLD Complete Tikka Tac A1 Chassis + Sawtooth Rifles Arca Rail + Mountain Tactical Bag Rider + CTR Magazines

    Like new FDE Tikka Tac A1 chassis - all LOP spacers + hardware included $650 shipped Sawtooth Rifles Arca Rail for Tikka Tac A1 $85 shipped Mountain Tactical/Tikka Performance Tac A1 Bag Rider $40 shipped Tikka CTR .308 10 round magazines (one left) $55 shipped/each MPA EVG grip (not...
  18. CJP5

    Accessories $$$Price DROP$$$ FS- MPA mounts, tikka mag, triggers, and more.

    List updated 2/8/2021 with new additions. Here is the list: $$PRICE DROP$$ 1x ARC rings 36mm 1 med. Asking $135.00 each. $$$PRICE DROP$$$ - ARC Nucleus bolt shroud, cocking piece, washers and screw. Asking $45.00 obo. NIB Leupold Mark 4 scope rings, 35mm high, Asking $118.00 shipped. NIB...
  19. pewpew300WM

    R700 Triggers?

    Currently in the market for a new trigger setup for the build. I currently use the setup to whitetail hunt with, long range shooting and hopefully some prs/lrs matches this year. So far I’m won over with the elf just because of the ease of adjustability, shoe variations and the abiltly to keep...
  20. S

    SOLD New MPA Matrix Chassis Weight tuning kit, front & rear $90

    New MPA Matrix Chassis Weight tuning kit, front & rear $90 shipped