1. mxjoe35

    Firearms MPA PMR Pro II

    I am selling my MPA PMR PRO II 6GT (Left Handed). This rifle is in like new condition. I have shot 2 matches with it winning the Production class at the MPA Cool Acres match last summer and I took 3rd overall in the second match in South Carolina. The rifle only has 575 rounds through it! Item...
  2. Safety_3rd

    Accessories Tungsten MPA pro chassis

    Like new comes with screws, two round holder, and I think the swept 3 and vert 2 grip. I’ll update as soon as I have this in hand. I purchased an action and the seller wanted to sell as a package so I am offloading the stock. I should have it in a week or so so I won’t be able to ship until he’s...
  3. F

    Firearms MPA 6mmBR full set up. Match ready

    I am selling my MPA PMR rifle in 6mm BR. Rifle has less than 600 rounds through it. This is sold as a full package. Rifle, rings, optic, bi-pod, tri-pod, reloading dies, roughly 250 twice fired casings and 100-200 Hornady projectiles. Rifle has Timney flat faced adjustable trigger. Optic is...
  4. mxjoe35

    Left Hand Sale MPA PMR Pro II 6GT (Left Handed)

    MPA PMR Pro II 6GT (Left Handed) I am selling my MPA PMR PRO II 6GT (Left Handed). This rifle is in like new condition. I have shot 2 matches with it winning the Production class at the MPA Cool Acres match last summer and I took 3rd overall in the second match in South Carolina. The rifle only...
  5. Z06pilot

    Accessories MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    MPA Matrix Pro R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze for sale. A few light scratches, and unbedded. Paypal friends and family, or buyer to pay fees. $1,250 shipped to your door. (Conus only) 
  6. T

    SOLD MPA ultra lite hunter 6.5

    I got a brand new ultra lite hunter 6.5 creedmoor for sale, I’m going to go with a left handed version so just trying to sell it to get the new one. Never fired, only dry fired. Comes with the spec sheet and the rifle itself but none of the attachments in the picture will go with the rifle. MPA...
  7. Pain92

    Firearms Remington 700P MPA Chasis W/ US Optics B25

    US Optics B-25 5-25X with H59. Illuminated blue reticle in nightforce rings. 20moa rail. Remington 700 action and receiver. 20” threaded bull barrel in a MPA hybrid foldable chasis. MPA Spigot at end of rail. Internal arca rail built in. Adjustable cheek riser and length of pull. Badger ordnance...
  8. 6mmMike

    Firearms MPA Pmr Pro2 6gt/6bra $2250

    I have a MPA Pmr Pro2 with two barrels. One in 6gt and another in 6bra. Both by MPA and for this rifle. Will come with a full weight kit, stepped plastic bag rider, solid steel rear rider, side rails. Both barrels under 300 rounds. Pro2 has the diamond trigger and no brake so it will come with...
  9. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD - MDT ACC 700 SA with extras

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Used MDT ACC for Rem 700 SA footprint. Including 2 weight sets (2 internal and 2 external weights) along with a mag well safety device. New with weights this is a $1,875.00 value. $1,050.00 shipped to CUS. PayPal Friends and Family only please. No trades please.
  10. DI Precision

    Accessories Matrix Pro In stock!

    We have Matrix Pros back in stock! Midnight Bronze Black Tungsten Raw
  11. syoakem711

    SOLD MPA Matrix R700SA RH w/full weight kit

    MPA Matrix in burnt bronze. Comes with full internal and external weight kits. It has been used for 2 seasons and shows some wear. Also includes Heckler grip, large vertical grip, large and small lop buttpads, pro and standard cheek risers, thumb rest, and trigger finger spacers. Asking $950 +...
  12. syoakem711

    Firearms Lone peak fuzion w/mpa matrix and 6mm barrels

    I'm selling my prs comp rifle. The barrels and action are sold. Matrix chassis is still available. •mpa matrix with full internal and external weight kit I also will have a kahles 525i skmr3 w/left Windage for sale. Scope comes with a few extras and is in good shape. Scope is $2200 by itself...
  13. C

    Firearms *MPA 65BA*

    Looking to get rid of my Sniper green MPA 65BA. Barrel has 855 rounds on it. Curtis axiom action, MPA BA Pro chassis, MPA Barrel. Runs flawlessly. I have a few accessories that I can throw in for additional loot. I have roughly 200 rounds that were loaded for the rifle. 135 atips, lapua or...
  14. Auby13

    SOLD MPA BA Comp Folder for sale

    I have for sale my spare rem 700 inlet mpa ba comp folder chassis. It has the full internal weight kit, pic rail spigot, and diy external weights. Weights are sold pending funds, bare chassis still available. Minor wear marks from competition use, otherwise in good shape. $1100 tyd $950 $850
  15. M

    Accessories MPA cheek riser, MPA night vision rail, Crossbreed hardware, and shooting stick

    Cleaning out the gunroom. PayPal F+F. Add 3% for PayPal Goods and Services Here's the prices shipped... $50 MPA Cheek Riser (cut open the pad to unscrew) $50 MPA BA Comp Night Vision Bridge with Pic Rail $20 alone or $10 with something else - Crossbreed IWB Holster Hardware $20 alone or $10...
  16. Tpeterson458

    Lets see your new MPA chassis cerakote colors.

    So MPA as of right now no longer offers gun candy options. But they have released new cerakote options. I'm ordering a new MPA Chassis and I'm struggling to pick a color. I know the color has no effect on the performance but at least I can look cool while I miss. Please post your cerakoted...
  17. Z06pilot

    SOLD MPA Matrix for sale R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    Purchased new Last spring for my vudoo. Unbedded R700/SA/RH. Great condition with a few light scratches as shown. Includes new thin cheek piece with original one as well. Action, scope, weights bipod, thumb rest ect NOT included. This is JUST for the chassis with 2 grips only. I do have the...
  18. Z06pilot

    SOLD MPA Matrix for sale ambi

    Ambi mpa matrix for sale. Burnt bronze not bedded, light wear. Comes with 2 grips, new thin cheek piece as well as original, action screws, lug lock, and 2 external weights (as shown). $975 Shipped to your door. $925 if you don't want the weights.
  19. Aaron Duke

    ISO RH MPA Rem 700 LA Chassis

    Prefer a Matrix but comp will suffice
  20. DFNM

    SOLD MPA BA comp SA 700

    MPA BA comp chassis in a 700 short action Chassis is in really good shape still, has some wear marks but nothing too bad. $750 shipped to your door