1. R

    Barrel Clearance

    I just received 2 new Benchmark MTU barrels from Straight Jacket Armory. First thing I noticed when mounting them in my MPA chassis is that the barrel very close to the first set of ribs in the barrel channel. Once the action screws are torqued, I can just slip a piece of paper between the...
  2. T

    Picked Up A Vudoo, Man was i wrong

    Gang, I picked up a Vudoo yesterday, got a scope put on her and took outside to my backyard range. Man, my Tikka, Kidds, Annie and 452's are great shooters and for the longest time I couldn't see spending the extra cash for a Vudoo although I knew one day I'd end up with one. Well the stars...
  3. Tactical30

    What MTU Length barrel?

    Im putting a Krieger MTU barrel on a Mcmillan A-5 stock, .300 Win Mag, Remington 700 L/A , Badger bottom metal, Badger FTE muzzle brake, Badger USMC DMR scope rings, Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm scope, 20moa scope rail, custom paint job, Surgeon Bolt knob, Everything trued over but I just cant decide...
  4. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Fluting MTU for max weight reduction

    I picked up an MTU contour bartlein that needs to go on a SERIOUS diet. Any idea on the number and size of flutes to maximize weight lose while not looking stupid or impacting accuracy. TIA.