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night vision

  1. R

    Maximum Point Blank Range (Night Hunting Application)

    @SkyScrapin and I were going back and forth on what our go to night rifles are, and he thought it would be a good idea to share some info on the trajectory side of things, so here we are. FYI, his stuff is way cooler and probably shoots much better than mine! A little background; I started yote...
  2. R

    Sig Romeo 9T - Yikes!

    $4k, and that’s over $1200 off! https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1026297572?pid=254878 I honestly expected it to have thermal integrated for that price, but no it has 2 different colors of reticles and is NV compatible! What am I missing? Good to sell to the taxpayer, unless it’s the...
  3. M

    SOLD DTNVG L3 WP Unfilmed 2376/2392 FOM $9000

    Photos DTNVG L3 White Phosphor 20um Tubes 2376/2369 FOM 0.4/0.3 EBI 72/72 Center Resolution 33/32.9 SNR Low hours Pelican Case Night Vision Inc USB w/Spec Sheets $9000 Shipped/Insured 2nd Day Air $10500 with full package: Team Wendy Ballistic Helmet (size 1: M/L) Wilcox L4 G24 Mount Peltor...
  4. N

    Night Vision WTS SIMRAD KN-253a PVS-9a Price Drop

    SIMRAD KN-253a clip on night vision scope. One of the best values in night vision clip ons. works perfect. This is the rarer of the Simrad scope and is about a pound less then other Simrads. The this was a refurbished/ Re-tubed and I have less then a dozen hours on it. I'll include the spuhr...
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    Go read the site rules. You need to be a supporter to sell and need to do it in the PX. Do this again and you will be banned. - The Management
  6. G

    SOLD KAC PVS-30 Clip on $5750

    KAC PVS-30, dual battery housing. Green phos, have box, and all the cool stuff it came with including KAC inspection certificate. Tube is excellent, just have had for a year and haven’t used it so it’s time for it to go. $5750 OBO, buyer will also have a shot at an impact 4000 WMLRF for a steal...
  7. U


    Selling my ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AT night vision bracket . This will also come with a 5.5 accessory / pic rail I purchased separately. $250 shipped US only Only the night vision bracket with accessory rail is being sold rifle etc in pictures is not part of post ...
  8. FuhQ

    Night Vision *** NEW *** AGM Rattler TS50-640 2.5x-20x (50Hz) Long Range Thermal Scope

    New video is up featuring the AGM Rattler TS50-640 Long-Range Thermal scope. This is just a video of looking around through it around the house. This scope has a 2,500 yard detection range, but it picked up the heat signature of a passenger jet from God knows how far away (as you'll see in the...
  9. C

    SOLD BNVD SG gen 3 GP

    Timestamp: BNVD Gen 3 GP Green Phosphor XLSH -Built by NVD w/ 10 year warranty -Built end of 4/2021 delivered 5/2021 -Less than 5 hours under them -Adjustable gain control -Autogated -Includes Low Light Innovations WP Filters -Always used with sacrificial lens and demist shields for...
  10. S


    DBAL D2 in like-new condition for sale. Hardly any use. The lens cover on the IR illuminator did come off though. $1,150 shipped. Accept PP Will post to gunbroker or eBay if makes the buyer more comfortable. Will consider trades with on my end for a quality optic— not an exhaustive list...
  11. D

    Night Vision WTS N-Vision Halo X50

    Bought new from Thermal Optics Plus in May of 2021. Will trade for collimated clip-on. I’ll supplement any value difference.
  12. RTS Shooting Systems

    Night Vision L3 Harris Cratos

    L3 Harris CRATOS Thermal! My Cratos has spent less than one work day in the field. It spent most of its days in front of a camera lens when a new rifle build was completed. “Yes just showing it off” This is my personal unit and can provide the original sale’s invoice showing it was brand new...
  13. D5A5E467-47D4-445F-B769-797C606B3159.jpeg


    L3 Harris Cratos
  14. MasonSims

    L3 tubes or Elbit PH?

    Hey everyone I’m looking to get a new pair of binos. I think I’m going to go with the 1431’s but I’m trying to decide between L3 tubes and spend all my money….or go with high spec Elbits and put RPO optics on. If I go with the Elbit ph’s I’d save some money for thermal but I’ve been using the...
  15. MasonSims

    New to Thermal and need suggestions!

    Hey everyone, this will be technically my first post here. So I’m looking to get a thermal on this years Black Friday sale and I’m going back and forth between the IRAY RH-25, and the AGM TC 50-640. Both units seem to do well from the footage I’ve seen and the reviews I’ve looked at. I want...
  16. K

    Night Vision NGAL-Shipped/Insured $4500

    NGAL Used DOM: 05/21 Purchased from a reputable dealer, comes with tape switch and as is in pictures. Not interested in trades, cash only. Will cover 1-2day insured shipping depending on your location. Message me if interested. Can provide proof of working unit etc...
  17. N


    Go read the rules. Do this again and you will be banned.
  18. S

    Night Vision PVS-31a + Batterypack/power cable + Team Wendy Exfil Bump + Wilcox Mount

    Hey I am looking to sell my PVS-31a setup. $10,500 for the package that includes: PVS-31a dual tubes. Manual. Clean tubes with a couple of small pepper specks on the left tube. Not noticeable when using them. Team Wendy Exfil Bump with multicam cover Admin light Charging cable Wilcox 22e...
  19. P

    Night Vision SOLD - OSTI PVS-27 MUNS $5500 or trade

    Selling one of my PVS-27. Open to trades for other Nv devices - looking for a set of katanas, but I’ll also entertain tanto, pvs-14, or other monocular if the deal is good. Good condition, it has a small blemish in zone 3 which you can’t see except at minimum magnification, everything works...
  20. R

    Lightweight NV Capable Build

    Currently running Zeus QC in a KRG Bravo but am looking to save some weight (and potentially build a dedicated 6 CM yote gun). I’ve got a long action, full length Arca, bipod (and spigot), NX8 2.5-20, NV Cap, and a 22” proof barrel with a direct thread suppressor. I still come in close around...