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  1. G

    SOLD Nightforce NX8 1-8 Dark Earth DMX reticle $1700 with mount

    Hey guys, got a rifle I’m wanting to pick up, so moving this. NX8 1-8x with the DMX reticle, and capped turrets. Reptilia mount. $1700 shipped, only taken out to get mounted then this rifle came up.
  2. B

    Accessories NightForce Ultralight Heavy Duty 34mm 1.00 Rings -New

    Selling a set of new NF 6 screw heavy duty ultra light 34mm 1.00 height rings. They were just to low for my optic when I mounted them. 180$ shipped ( these are 215$ new)
  3. S


    Been here over 2 years and don't know the rules?
  4. C

    Vudu 1-10 or ATACR 1-8

    I will be using this on my 16” .308. Max engagement distance will be 600 or so. The adjustable turrets appeal to me so I am torn.
  5. B

    Rifle Scopes WTBe banned

    Go read the site rules you agreed to when joining. Do this again and you will be banned.
  6. Crazyeddie46

    Optics WTS Nightforce ATACR 7-35 Mil-XT F1. $2750

    Wts NF 7-35 Mil-xt scope has been used but is in great shape. Glass is clean no scratches and tenebrex caps and sunshade. Will come with box and everything from factory. Asking $2750 for scope shipped and insured. The Mc net wrap was put on scope for protection right out of the box and will come...
  7. S

    Firearms Barrett M82A1CQ w/ Nightforce NXS 8-32x56mm

    Brand New, M82A1CQ w/ Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 MOAR-T, Lens caps, and QD mount. Only took it out of the case to put it together. Asking $9,500 shipped for the package. Great opportunity to own an awesome piece of gun history. I also have a case (100 rds) of Federal American Eagle 660gr that I...
  8. K

    Optics Nightforce ATACR 420 t3

    Nightforce ATACR 420 tremor 3 no mount $2750 shipped
  9. M

    SOLD WTS Nightforce A191 30mm Unimount

    Brand new, never opened and never used. Nightforce A191 30mm ultralite unimount, height 1.375”, 20 MOA Asking $200 shipped.
  10. Linn Paing

    Optics [WTS] Nightforce atacr 7-35x56 F1 (T3) [C571] with sphur qd mount.

    Excellent condition NF atacr 7-35x56 F1 in T3. Has a sphur mount on it code qdp-4002. Have not taken out from the scope ever since its been attached and been taken to the range less than a dozen times. Will come with original box and shade and covers. Hoping to sell it local or pickup. Can...
  11. CSTactical

    Optics Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56mm F1 Mil-XT™ - Dark Earth in stock!

    Just one Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56mm F1 Mil-XT™ - Dark Earth C661 in stock $3,700.00 https://cstactical.com/nightforce-atacr-7-35x56mm-f1/
  12. M8541Reaper

    Optics TRADED

    For Sale/Trade: Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16x42 w/ Mil-R (Model #: C552) -Comes with: --Nightforce Box (factory NF box just without the exterior sticker) --Manual --Tenebraex Caps --Windage Beauty Ring --Windage Turret Cap --ATACR Turret Tri-Bit Tool --Power Throw Lever (PTL) --PTL Plug --DFAT...
  13. jbell74

    SOLD Nightforce 30mm Ultralite Rings - 0.885" Low

    Rings are in great shape. Comes with original packaging. $Sold shipped. Not looking for any trades at the moment.
  14. txbass97

    Optics NF ATACR 4-16x42 F1 Mil-XT C615

    Cross-posted to ARFCOM. Purchased as a brand new unit from Euro Optic. Selling the 4-16x42 and keeping my 4-20x50 ATACR. The optic was mounted in rings, but never fielded or left the house. The marring on the bottom of the turret is from the Arisaka Leveling tool. Includes original box...
  15. abn_surfer

    SOLD Nightforce NX8 F1 2.5-20x50 Mil-C

    As the title states, I am selling a Nightforce, not much I can that has not been said about the value this brand holds. However, this scope is lightly used but in perfect working condition. Asking $1550 shipped to your door. No Trade offers. Thank you
  16. StealthOwl

    Optics Sold: Nightforce Ultralite 30mm / 1.50" Rings A203

    NF 30mm/1.5" Ultralites in excellent condition.... Sold https://www.milehighshooting.com/nightforce-a203-1-5-extreme-30mm-ultralite-rings/ Paypal F&F or Zelle accepted.
  17. db¹

    Optics Nightforce NX8 4-32×50 Mil-C C625 Riflescope

    Used for one season shooting primarily from benchrest. Some minor scuffs on the exterior but the lenses look perfect. Includes lens caps and Nightforce Four-screw rings. $1795 delivered. I would also be interested in a partial trade toward a ZCO 527 or a TT 525. MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION The NX8...
  18. D

    Schmidt and Bender

  19. R

    DMR SPR Optic

    I am currently in the process of building a DMR/SPR rifle chambered in 6mm Arc. Current set up pictured below.. I am uncertain of what optic to go with. I am looking at either the ACTAR 4-16x42 Tremor 3 reticle and the Kahles 3-18x50 SKMR3 reticle with a SPUHR/ Badger condition one mount. I...
  20. aroddc3

    SOLD FS: NF NX8 F1 4-32 Mil-C

    Selling this scope I received via a trade and never mounted. Glass is perfect. Slight ring marks that may come out (I don’t feel like dicking around with it too much). No box because the original trader couldn’t find it. $SOLD shipped to lower 48. Local to DFW. Not interested in trades.