1. FimRire RongLifle

    NRL22X in the south! Arena NRL 22x Blakley GA

    NRL22x Shoot @ Arena Training. plus a sunday UKD range open (optional add) for 22 and center fire ELR.. If you have never been here its a really well run and massive venue. Plan on hot and fun! Cabins available with AC at the Arena site below plus UKD signup for sunday. Use NRL links for...
  2. R

    Starting JR in NLR22 need help

    Been looking at getting my 15yo daughter into NLR22-22X matches. She’s a more competent shooter then most adults. She’s the leading member of her ROTC competition rifle team.. I’m more then a proficient shooter myself and have done a lot of competitive shooting although not in LRP although I...