1. M

    Looking for opinions on different optics setups

    Hi all, New to this and (embarrassingly enough posting on forums as well). I’m looking for advice and if you have any specific recommendations that’d be great too. Right now I’m running a 5.56 with a 16” barrel and a red dot (one of the few optics I’m familiar with as mainly I’ve had...
  2. AquaRhombus77

    Scope Recommendation

    Good afternoon, I had posted on another thread about wanting to do a M40 platform tribute build. I say tribute because its going to be left handed, and in 6.5 Creedmoor. I have had ZERO proper training in the use of optics. So whatever I get will be going with me to training and classes. I'm...
  3. C

    Leupold Mark 8 M5C2 Opinions

    Hey all, Looking for info and any user experience on the more recent 3.5-25 variant of these with the upgraded turrets and no illum. Specifically tremor 3 reticle. Not much out there by way of reviews, with a few stating the glass is superior to the mk5hd. I have a 3.6-18 illum tmr mk5 but...
  4. SniperCook

    Optics Bushnell Nitro 20x60x65 spotting scope

    In carrying case great condition spotting scope. Bushnell Nitro. Retails for 749.99. Selling for 625. PP F&F, Zelle, or local pick up in Orlando, Florida area.
  5. W

    Observation Optics for PRS

    I am looking at observation optics for PRS competitions. I have an 8x monocular at the moment however I would like something with a bit more juice for dedicated tripod use. From what I gather, binos are the way to go so I am leaning heavily in that direction. The range I go to goes to about 1100...
  6. N

    Optics Sold Sig Kilo5k

    WTS Sig Kilo5k (Kilo 5k). Used a handful of times. Body and lenses in perfect like new condition and functions 100%. Includes box, case, lanyard, a lens cloth and I’ll throw in a few Zeiss wipes. Orig ask $475, Now $400 shipped PayPal FF or Venmo (no notes). Will do GS, but buyer pays fees...
  7. H

    PrimaryArms 2.5-10x GLX - Are they durable?

    I've got a PrimaryArms GLX 2.5-10x optic, and I want to be more confident about it's durability. It's in a quality mount, installed properly but this is my first non-LPVO optic. It's a bit bigger, which means more likely to bump against things. Does anyone know of, or have firsthand experience...
  8. D

    Optics Unavailable Schmidt and Bender PM II Ultrashort 3x20 50mm Objective

    My name is Tyler. I have a Schmidt and Bender PM II Ultrashort for sale. $2700 This Riflescope is in pristine condition. I hate to sell this optic because it's that damn good. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Anything on the scope and it's original box with manual is included...
  9. D

    Optics Sold Hensoldt 6x24 56mm Rifle scope.

    My name is Tyler. I have a Hensoldt ZF 6x24 56mm objective rifle scope for sale. I am asking $1675 for the riflescope and all accessories included originally with the rifle scope. I would personally say it's in good to great condition. I take care of my items. Everything in the attached files...
  10. D

    Accessories Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning Sale Getting rid of some of the things that I have no use for. You'll find the details listed below, if you need more photos of a specific item, send me a message and I'll get back to you. Prices are shipper to your door. 308WIN 10rd AI mag (x2) - $70 per. Both $130. High...
  11. cornhuskid

    SOLD SOLD - WTT - As NIB Burris BTS35 Thermal Scope for Brea USO or FDN 17x

    SOLD - I have an as NIB Burris BTS35 Thermal Rifle Scope for trade. Looking for a great way to get into thermal cheap? You found it! I purchased this new a few months ago from TheHebrewHammer. All docs included. This uses a 400x300 sensor unlike other 3xx cores. Super easy to use as...
  12. Wake_907

    Sheep hunt scope

    Hey guys, so I’m putting together a rifle to take on a sheep hunt and am looking for a solid scope to throw on a browning x-bolt something under $1300, capped turrets, good glass, durable, and in the realm of 16x max. I’ve had multiple leuapold scopes and have had issues with them holding up on...
  13. Jdowney37

    Optics Athlon Ares BTR G2 4.5-27x50

    Selling my Athlon Ares BTR Gen2 4.5-27x50 scope. I purchased this a little less than a year ago, and have since sold the gun it was mounted on and am tired of just seeing it sit unused. Comes with box and all paperwork, as it would new. Also includes an MK Machine throw lever and bubble level...
  14. M

    Optics US Optics – ST-10 – 10x Fixed

    FOR SALE – US Optics – ST-10 – 10x Fixed New in Box; Purchased in 2016 while USO was still in CA – Just never found a good fit for it. Specs shown in picture 30mm X-High Rings 30mm UMQDS Mount 37mm Sunshade USO Caps $1,600 shipped; Venmo
  15. M

    Turrets with distinctive tactile feel

    Hello all I know the title is kind of vaguely worded, but I was hoping someone could help me find scopes with similar turret feel to schmidt & bender's PMII, where the difference between the click of a 0.1mil turn and the clunk of a full mil are very distinct. Bit of a weird thing to prefer I...
  16. Mg427

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5 - 27 X 56 EBR-7C ret. MRAD

    Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5 - 27 X 56 EBR-7C ret. MRAD mint condition barely used. Comes with original box and papers, hood and caps and soft cover as extra. Shipped $1750
  17. Nicholi2789

    Optics Vortex strike Eagle 5-25x56mm BRAND NEW

    Hey fellas, I have a brand new in box Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56mm with EBR-7C mil reticle. Scope is brand brand new, literally hasn’t even been taken out of the box. Pretty sweet little scope and would make a good optic for a long range rifle. Has zero stop, illuminated reticle bunch of...
  18. TINMAN347

    SOLD -SOLD- MK5 5-25x56 MIL CCH

    For Sale Leupold MK5 5-25x56 MIL with the CCH reticle. Not illuminated. Scope is in great shape, I’m just changing reticles so all my stuff matches. Have everything it came with new…box, sunshade, leupold caps (I forgot to put them in the picture but I do have them), manual. Looking for...
  19. 1

    SOLD Vortex Razor HD Gen 2, 3-18

    Selling a Vortex Gen 2: 3-18 that has a EBR-7C MRAD reticle. Used has a few scratchs and rub marks on the outside but glass is solid. Changing gear around because I cant help myself. $1,200.00
  20. M

    SOLD Sold

    Selling my Leupold VXR 1.25-4x20mm Firedot. Comes with box, good condition couple scuffs from rings. Glass is in great condition. PM with questions. $550 shipped.