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    Gastonia, NC Sniper Comp (9/2-5/09)

    The 3rd annual Gastonia Sniper comp will be held in Sept of 2009. Several new teams competed in 2008 taking the event to a whole new level. Spent alot of time at the SHOT show lining up sponsors and this years prizes are looking even better. Check out www.gastoniasniper.org IM me with...
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    EAG Tactical Three Day Carbine - N. TX; 9/16-18/09

    EAG Tactical/Pat Rogers 3 Day Carbine Operators Course EAG Tactical (Pat Rogers and Crew) will conduct a Three-Day Carbine Operator’s Course on 09/16-18/2009 at the Adrenaline Proving Grounds Range, Greenville, TX (northeast of Dallas). This course is about fighting with the 5.56x45mm...
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    LAV Advanced Handgun Marksmanship; NTX; 10/8-9/09

    Vickers Tactical Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course Larry Vickers, former U. S. Army Delta Force operator/weapons trainer, American Pistol Guild gunsmith and firearms industry consultant will be returning to North Texas to present his two day Advanced Handgun Marksmanship Course. Larry’s...