1. B

    Ordered a new McMillan stock

    Ordered up my second McMillan stock on Thursday much to my wifes chagrin. Spoke to Ryan twice during the day with different questions and guidance from him. I was operating on somewhat of a tight budget since my toilet decided to crap out on me literally and leak into my kitchen but my saint of...
  2. alien319

    Just Ordered my stock

    I just ordered my McMillan A4 to USMC spec's from JW Precision. John is a great guy to deal with. Looking forward to it's arrival.
  3. A

    Rifle Scopes Ordered Heritage 5-25.. what rings?

    Guys I have ordered a Premier Heritage 5-25, 27mrad DT MTC Gen II XR, and need to decide what rings to get. Both brand and height. The rifle is a Surgeon actioned 6.5X47L, and the barrel contour 1.25" for 4", straight taper to 0.900 muzzle at 26". Thats to help in rings height! These are a...
  4. C

    Finally ordered my GAP!

    Got my motorcycle sold and called the next day to order a rifle built. Should be done right around the time I return from Afghanistan. So it worked out perfect. Im gonna pay off the rifle a save for a U.S. Optics SN3 and everything shoulkd be done in time for me to start putting rounds down as...
  5. C

    AWSM , shouldn't have ordered IT

    Hi Guys , I have real bad luck / timing , order 2 AWSM's , one in 300 & the other in 338 , then find OUT they have a New model with longer CIP 338 lenght mags , Simple right just , ammend the order to be the NEW models right , wrong they are due OUT Late 2010 , according to my dealer in the...
  6. P

    Ordered all my parts for 6.5x47 L Build !!

    Today I lucked out and got a McSwirley off the specials page that I liked the colour of after they sent me a pic thats already inletted for Surgeon bottom Metal and action, I would not have waited 5mnths for an A5 would have jumped on aanother Manners; A5 70% Tan 10% Yellow 10% white 10% Dark...
  7. H

    ordered new manners gat

    i went ahead and pulled the trigger on a new gat thursday fo my fn pbr xp in 300wsm. i also ordered dbm from cdi with 1 5rd and 1 10rd mag in aics. just wish it didn't take 9 t 10 weeks to get my stock but it will be well worth the wait. also, i just recieved my swarovski rangefinders on friday...