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    Gunsmithing Need 2 Recoil Pads Ground

    I'm looking for a professional gunsmith to grind 2 Kick-Eez magnum recoil pads to fit AICS units. I'd only need to send him the two pads and a 1" plastic spacer from an AICS as the pads mate with the spacers, not the stock itself. It should be a simple job - the screw holes are already where...
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    Gunsmithing Rubber forearm pads on Harris bi-pod fell off

    Not sure what are of the site to post this in.... The rubber pads on my bipod that sits b/t the bipod and the forearm fell off due to cleaning solvents. What does Harris use to keep the pad on the metal? Is it some type of glue? What will get them to stick to the metal?