1. AHorn

    Can't go to the second page in any of the Topics??

    For some reason when i got on tonight i couldn't go past the first page in any of the sections, Bear Pit, For Sale, etc... The page will go down briefly like it is going to change but then comes back up on the first page. Any Ideas???? Thanks, Aaron
  2. lowlight

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss Spotter 60 Review Up on the Main Page

    Since the first time I saw the Zeiss Spotter 60 at the Shot Show several years ago I have been trying to get one here in the USA. It was nearly an impossible task until Nathan Hunt of HUDISCo came along and began distributing the Hensoldt line of Zeiss Optics here in the US. We were lucky...
  3. S

    Aics rifle on the home page??

    I would like to know more about the AICS rifle on the opening page of this site. the one with the cheetah print. I love the paint on that rifle. who painted it? Lee
  4. lowlight

    Sniper’s Hide Cup Sniper's Hide Cup Preview on the front Page

    The new home page is active and I have posted a few words and images from the Sniper's Hide Cup Train Up. We had 21 shooters in total including one from as far as Australia and another from South America. See for the latest updates. It's looking to be a great weekend.