1. P

    Where is all the .338 Norma Mag Brass Pls. Help

    I have a friend in the States who will help me get some .338 Norma Mag Brass I thought BHSS was supposed to have 250,000 pieces of this stuff. Apparently its on Back Order and they dont expect it for ages !! My barrel is here and the Smith needs a couple of cases. Would anyone be willing to...
  2. M

    Gunsmithing Who can thread barrels? Milwaukee area. Pls Help.

    I'm looking for a recommendation of a gunsmith or machine shop that can thread a couple of rifle barrels(Milwaukee area). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matt
  3. P

    Building a .338 Lapua Inspiration Pls.

    Hi Folks, I am building a .338 lapua the only certain is that it will be built on a Surgeon XL action. Leaning towards a T2A Manners Stcok as well I had thought I liked the Manners T2A stock I am looking for any ideas or tips and pics you guys whom have custom .338 lapuas can provide me...
  4. Genin

    Advanced Marksmanship Tips for off hand shots, PLS.

    Hello everyone, I recently found out that there are tacticle/sniper shoots at a nearby range. They hold them once a month. Needless to say, I am interested in getting involved in these shoots. Some of the targets may require me to use sitting or standing shots. I am very comfortable prone and...