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  1. skulldragr17


    Giraud Power Case Trimmer -$400 shipped Slightly used; in perfect condition Comes with cutter head and blade; 308, 6XC and 6BR case holders.
  2. P

    Rifle Scopes Opinions on Fixed Powered Falcons

    Any experiences with the Falcon 7.5x50 or 10x42? The 10x42 do not seem to be in stock anywhere. The 7.5 x50 may be in at Optics Warehouse in the UK.Thanks to all.
  3. dirkreader

    It's Nuclear Powered!

    You can tell by the Plutonium glowing in the back. Anyway, here is the Ripper loading on my new Prometheus that I picked up over the weekend. It works flawlessly and he loaded 114 rounds in 49 minutes. And according to Bolt he even took two pee breaks. This machine is amazing. It is twice...