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  1. Bcon

    The BADDEST Cerakote you’ve ever seen COTTONMOUTH SNAKE REM 700

    Just wanted to show off the work Daniel did on my rifle over at Primal Finish in TN. I’ve had this idea for a few years and was foolishly going to attempt it myself at one point. I’m glad I hesitated and put it in the hands of a true master. This rifle is my baby, the gun I started shooting long...
  2. J

    Scope mount/rings

    Hi Everyone, New to the precision shooting space have always been off and on dear hunter since I was a kid. I recently went to a distance range with a buddy and caught the bug even went as far as to read Ryan Cleckners long-distance shooting book. I purchased a Tikka T3x Tac a1 in 65 creedmore...
  3. Rick_gcprifleco

    Left Hand Sale For Sale: Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Gen.2, Gen. 3 in Vision Chassis or KRG Bravo Chassis, Both Available, New

    Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Complete Rifles $2,780.00 – $3,759.00 Ready to ship rifles. LEFT HAND RIFLES ONLY Vudoo V-22 Gen. 2 barreled action with a 22” Kukri profile. Bartlein barrel, threaded 1/2x/28, comes with thread protector. Barreled action is in a KRG Bravo chassis with the upgraded...
  4. S

    Surefire 300 SPS First Round Velocity

    I have a new surefire socom 300 sps and did a load development ladder with my 26” 6GT. I was shooting 5 round groups, then letting the barrel cool for 5-10 min before repeating with the next load. I consistently noticed the first round fired in each series was about 80 fps slower than...
  5. M

    Christensen Arms Warranty

    First time post here. New to precision bolt rifles, and looking forward to gathering wisdom from all of you. I have recently purchased a 26" Christensen Arms MPR, in 6.5 CM. I have a few hundred rounds through it so far, and am enjoying it very much. Without a ton of effort, I have been able...
  6. velayo_0317

    Bolt Manipulation

    Haven't posted here in a while. A common question I get is my bolt manipulation process. Here's my take on it, in a video format. When you start off, only go as fast as your technique allows. Speed will come. Next time you're at the range, try to keep your reticle on the target during your...
  7. T

    Firearms WTS: Accuracy International AE MKIII with Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20x50mm Scope

    (SOLD Pending Payment) Selling or Bundling an AI AE Rifle & S&B Scope. Accuracy International AE MKIII rifle with Victor Company’s tan ViperSkin & Accu-Shot’s BT08-QK Monopod. Asking: $2,500.00 Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20X50MM P3L Reticle Scope (Part # 668-911-872-B8-B4) with Accuracy...
  8. SonoranArmament

    Bore sighting and break in for precision rifle

    Hey everyone! I’m getting my YouTube channel up and rolling. I did a little video on how I bore sight and break in my precision rifles. There are a lot of different break in procedures done out there, but this one seems to work for me. Check out the video and let me know what ya think!
  9. R

    Chamberings for a switch barrel rifle

    Looking at putting together a switch barrel system and after some reading WTO seems like a good shop and an easy system. It ain’t no MRAD or AXMC but it won’t cost as much either. Thinking a defiance action with an AX 338 chassis. Now I come to the decision on chamberings. I know I want 308...
  10. geofrisch

    Firearms 6.5 Creedmoor Precision

    Hello I'm new here, please be kind as I'm out of my element, and learning. I won a custom precision rifle build by Fort Scott Munitions. (Screenshots as evidence attached.) I hope you'll let me post here as this is a very unique rifle that is mostly suited to this community. Forgive me if I...
  11. Matthew_Neske

    Looking for a 1,000 yard scope.

    I Ave built my own bolty on a Howa 1500 barreled action 24” with a MDT chassis and stock and have a Leupold VX-3L 4-12X50 scope and currently at 100 yards I am holes on holes. I am curious if there is a scope out there with in the price range of $600-$1,500 that is accurate out to 1,000 yards
  12. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD SOLD: Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip- $25

    Very good condition. Comes with star washer and bolt. $25 shipped CONUS. Venmo, PayPal f&f or you cover fees.
  13. fp120

    My bad

    Sorry wrong area
  14. lowlight

    Kraft Data Driven Training: Try This

    Sniper's Hide and Chris Way of Kraft are partnering up to collect some data from Shooters. Chris is a very data-driven shooter, he is a competitive shooter and loves to analyze data. He Krafted a precision rifle course of fire designed to be shot at 100 yards and collect data from multiple...
  15. The Judge

    Firearms WTS: Surgeon 591 6.5 Creedmoor with Cadex chassis

    Selling my Surgeon 591 in 6.5 Creedmoor with Cadex defense chassis (folding stock). -Bartlein barrel -Hell Fire brake (Area 419) -Timney trigger -884 rds down range -Hard case Surgeon Rifle is $3,150 (includes shipping CONUS) $1,300 Nightforce NXS 3.5X15-50 (SFP) Mil-R reticle, .1 MRAD with...
  16. N

    voodoo cerakote color advice

    anybody ever seen sniper gray cerakote on a FDE stock? thoughts???
  17. LRAddict13

    223 Remington Bolt action 75gr to 88gr loads

    Part I I decided to write this article to give other my findings on 223 Remington bolt action load data for bullets 75gr and higher. I was having trouble in the past finding starting loads to work with so I decided to do it myself. PLEASE TAKE CAUTION WHEN REPLICATING THESE LOADS!!! THIS IS...
  18. Cadex Defence

    Photos What’s more impressive than one 50 BMG rifle?

    What’s more impressive than one 50 BMG rifle? LOOOOOOOTS of them!!! ??? ~ Cadex CDX-50 Tremor ~
  19. Ordnance Locker

    MasterPiece Arms Unveiling A New Chassis

    On Saturday, MasterPiece Arms is unveiling a new chassis at the Precision Rifle Expo, that they'll also be announcing on the PRE Facebook page. This is the teaser image they just posted.
  20. S

    *** Reduced*** 1200.00 Trued Bergara Premier 24in Med. Palma 1:8 twist Barreled Action 6.5 Creedmoor

    Bergara Premier 24 inch 1:8 twist Barreled Action 6.5 Creedmoor. Threaded 5/8-24 Muzzle with 11-degree crown Strait from Bergara Premier. Has a medium Palma contour measuring .750 right behind the threads. Teardrop bolt handle. Readily accepts Remington 700 drop-in triggers and fits in 700 SA...