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    Rifle Scopes Premiere Heriatage rezeroing the turrets

    After reading the manual on rezeroing the elevation and windage turrets I had a question if someone on here can answer for me. Based on the manual it tells you to just unlock the lever and rezero. Even though you stil hear the clicks the elevation mechanically is not moving. Based on the...
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    Rifle Scopes Premiere Heritage is here! Reticle photo included

    Just a little excited. Figured I'd show some pictures of my new toy on my baby. It's an FN SPR on an A4 stock with a can. The reticle is the Gen 2 XR. Rings are USMC M40A3 1.0" in 34mm. Not much more to say. The photo's do the talking!
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    Rifle Scopes Premiere Heritage

    Well, CS Gunworks just got a shipment in today of various models of the Heritage. Figured I'd post that here in case anyone is looking to buy one of these scopes. Mine is on the UPS truck right now. I'm stoked.. Anyhow, off to work.