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  1. F

    Prefit Barrel Change

    I just though i'd share a few pictures of my most recent experience with the parts I bought to switch out a savage small shank barrel as there were a few recommendations I had a hard time finding on the hide forums. First, I purchased a proof research savage small shank prefit. Needless to say...
  2. NashtyGrunt

    Rimfire Sold* Proof Rimx prefit

    18" proof competition contour steel prefit for Zermatt Rimx. Used in good shape. $400 tyd obo.
  3. S

    Marks in a new Proof SS barrel?

    Saw these from my new Proof SS barrel (6 dasher Impact prefit). Is it acceptable? First Proof barrel and not sure what to expect. Never saw these from my Bartlein :(
  4. Dvando20

    Firearms ISO: Heavy 223 Wylde barrel

    In search of a 22" or 24" threaded heavy barrel in 223 Wylde for an AR-15. Open to different brands as long as it will shoot sub-moa. The heavier the better.
  5. D

    Accessories SOLD. 26” Proof Research 6mmSteel Barrel

    26” Proof 6mm (243) 1:7.5 twist M24 contour barrel blank for sale. New in box. Comes with all paperwork and box from the factory. $300 plush shipping
  6. D

    Accessories sold

  7. N

    Accessories SOLD: Proof Carbon Fiber .284 Barrel ($700 + Shipping)

    Hey All, I have a brand new barrel I bought for a 28 Nosler build that I'm not going to end up building. Get a killer deal on this barrel all the specs are in the pictures. $700 + shipping
  8. IMG_20191101_140744_1572632802251.jpg


    Curtis vector Proof barrel AICS Steiner M5xi 5-25 Area 419 break Timney CE trigger
  9. Bebop

    Accessories Sold Proof Research Carbon Fiber Savage Pre-Fit Small Shank barrel ($550 free shipping)

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Savage Pre-Fit Small Shank barrel 308 win 1-10 twist 20" 5/8"-24 Thread Around 200 rounds fired $550 free shipping
  10. S

    Gunsmithing Proof Research NSW Recce barrel borescope

    I purchased this barrel from Optics Planet a month ago. It has not been used yet, just had a patch run through it. I just bought a borescope and had a look inside, I was quite surprised by the finish (Below is the video). So should I be concerned about the finish of this $350 barrel or not...
  11. F

    Mule Deer Hunting with XLR Element 3.0 Magnesium Chassis

    Thought I would post with my experience using the XLR Element 3.0 Magnesium Chassis in a hunting scenario…some of this is probably duplicated on the Hide by others. This is just my experience…spoiler alert, it worked great. I’ll start by saying that I’m no expert or claim to be a crack shot...
  12. Fish907

    Firearms Short Action Customs 6 creed- 6.5 creed

    I have a short action customs custom rifle on a Alpha 11 action. 3000.00 plus shipping. 22” proof carbon barrel 6 creedmoor 125 rounds 24” Bartlein 8 twist 6.5 creedmoor barrel. 1525 rounds APA little bastard brake 10 round AICS mag 5 round AICS mag Hard case Manners t4A elite carbon stock...
  13. sstacllc

    SOLD WTS Defiance Elite Control Round Feed barreled action in 6mm Creedmoore.

    Defiance Elite custom serial number Proof Research Steel Comp Contour 1-7.5 tw 26.25" 125 rounds on it. Spun up by Matt Yore at Sawtooth Rifles. Trigger Tech Special Thread adapter-no muzzle brake. $2k shipped to your FFL insured Trades for SLC 15x56 or Ziess RF 10x54 IM for offers v/r Scott
  14. schofield

    300 win mag proof research, manners

    Hey I have a few things in the fire right now and need to part with some stuff. Here is a nice 300 win mag with the following specs Manners carbon fiber TF4A stock Surgeon bottom metal Stiller tac 300 action 22 inch Proof Research barrel Silencerco asr muzzle break Timmeny trigger Vortex viper...
  15. P

    Bartlein vs. Proof Research pound for pound?

    Wife wants a light but accurate AR, so I will be building one shortly. The question is, should I get a Proof Research 16in barrel at 25.6oz (I believe) or have Craddock or CLE spin me up a 16in Bartlein that weighs about the same? In other words, which will be more accurate at around 25oz? Which...
  16. L

    Proof Research Barrels

    Do any of you fine people have any firsthand experience with Proof Research's carbon fiber wrapped barrels? I'm building an AR-10 and am curious as to what kind of accuracy one could expect with them. Thanks!
  17. lowlight

    Gunsmithing Proof Research Barrel, MY AX 308 has a new Tube.

    Proof Research sent over a 308 barrel, actually they sent it GA Precision and George had the guys spin it up for my AI Rifle. Stop by Mile High Today and Adam spun it on my AX. We had to be a bit careful and actually went under the recommended torque settings so, right now it's a bit of an...
  18. lowlight

    Gunsmithing New Proof Research Press Release

    PROOF Research acquires Performance Polymer Solutions, Inc. (P2SI) Manufacturer of Advanced Engineered MaterialsColumbia Falls, MT – PROOF Research, maker of carbon fiber rifle barrels, composite components for firearms, match-grade steel barrels, and complete rifle systems announced today that...
  19. D

    Xlr carbon, proof research, pierce engineering build

    Hello all, thought I would posts the results of my year long project inspired by others in this forum, thought it might be interesting to some. I felt compelled to build a pack able .338. So I started by ordering a pierce engineering titanium long action with a .750 bolt (spiral fluted)...
  20. lowlight

    Saw Proof Research ( Carbon Fiber Barrels) is Hiring

    Saw this today on FB We are looking for a few great men and women! PROOF Research is currently hiring for the following positions: Director of OEM/Commercial Sales, Materials Manager, Marketing Manager, Engineering Manager, Shipping/Receiving/Purchasing Clerk, Accounts Payable/Receivable...