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    .30-06 212gr ELDX- Pressure concern?

    I’m trying to help my brother ensure he is safe on pressure for his hunting loads he is developing. He is within a hair of the max load, and has very minimal of any pressure signs on the brass ( to my eyes at least). However in a conversation with) Hornady they feel his velocity increase over...

    SOLD WTS SAC custom 300prc w/ proof

    I’ll attach my build breakout as follows and have the paperwork from Short Action Customs to go with the sale. The once fired brass comes with the sale if the buyer would like to have it. Build as follows: — Deviant Ruckus GA Hunter $1280 — Proof Sendero .30 cal 1:9 24” $740 — Hawkins...
  3. G

    SOLD Bighorn Origin SA, proof prefit TL3 6.5 20" creedmoor

    Both are SPF. I was unable to edit my original thread so decided to repost. I am now thinking of separating the following if I can get a buyer for the action and barrel. I started on my 6.5 creedmoor build but unfortunately I had something come up and will have to sell it before I even...
  4. E

    SOLD BNIB, Proof 6 Creedmoor, SS, Comp Contour, TL3

    Switching over to 6 Dasher so I’m selling a brand new in the box Proof Competition Contour, 6 Creedmoor cut for a Zermatt TL3. $410 net to me delivered to your door. Can include a HLR recoil lug for an additional $25. Payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or USPS MO. Shipping will be UPS ground...
  5. G

    Firearms Bighorn Origin action with 6.5 Creedmoor Proof Barrel.

    I started on my 6.5 creedmoor build but unfortunately I had something come up and will have to sell it before I even complete it. No rounds have been through any of the parts below. Barrel and action was bought from Altus Shooting Solutions. I have sold the chassis already. Looking for $1700...
  6. Blaster01

    SOLD Straight Jacket 6gt, Tikka, XLR, XRS2, $2300

    I have a 6gt on a tikka action. Chambered by straight jacket armory. 26” proof SS barrel. The action was faced off as well to accept full shank barrels. Also has a Timney two stage trigger. Sits in an XLR Element chassis. Area 419 Hellfire brake. And topped with a Bushnell XRS2 with the h59...
  7. B

    Accessories Wtb Cz 457 proof barrel

    Looking for a carbon fiber proof prefit barrel for cz 457. 18.5” or 20” preferred.
  8. I

    Accessories WTB M5 DBM Short Action + SAUM/WSM mag

    Looking to buy M5 style DBM for Rem 700 short action. Prefer a flush/low profile DBM since it will be on a hunting rig but let me know what you have. Also am looking for 7 SAUM ADG brass, Whidden/Redding dies, and WSM/SAUM mag 3 or 7 round magazine. Let me know what you have!
  9. D

    Accessories SOLD. 26” Proof Research 6mmSteel Barrel

    26” Proof 6mm (243) 1:7.5 twist M24 contour barrel blank for sale. New in box. Comes with all paperwork and box from the factory. $300 plush shipping
  10. Midwestside

    Accessories Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

    For Sale: (1)ea - New In box -Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank Cal: 0.243 Twist: 7.5 Finish Length: 24" Contour: Sendero Price is: SOLD would make a great 6 creedmoor, 6gt, 243win, dasher, etc
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    Accessories sold

  12. N

    Accessories SOLD: Proof Carbon Fiber .284 Barrel ($700 + Shipping)

    Hey All, I have a brand new barrel I bought for a 28 Nosler build that I'm not going to end up building. Get a killer deal on this barrel all the specs are in the pictures. $700 + shipping
  13. Fish907

    Firearms Short Action Customs 6 creed- 6.5 creed

    I have a short action customs custom rifle on a Alpha 11 action. 3000.00 plus shipping. 22” proof carbon barrel 6 creedmoor 125 rounds 24” Bartlein 8 twist 6.5 creedmoor barrel. 1525 rounds APA little bastard brake 10 round AICS mag 5 round AICS mag Hard case Manners t4A elite carbon stock...
  14. Shumba

    Rifle Scopes IOR 2.5-10x FFP Illuminated scope - 50 BMG proof?

    Thanks. Found the answer
  15. USAF1A8

    Maggie’s Proof the Air Force is the Bravest

    3 Generals and an Admiral were sitting around a table on the coastline of a war-zone, bragging about the exploits of their troops in combat, each one stating that he indeed had the bravest troops. The Admiral starts, "my seals are the bravest and i can prove it", and he calls his toughest seal...
  16. S

    Photos Proof for all the haters (Ryan S)

    Hopefully I posted these pics properly to once and for all shut Ryan and all his buddies up. Pay close attention to the hogstooth from 1st Mar Div sniper school being put around my neck dude.
  17. paraman1

    Maggie’s How not to test a bullet proof vest

    Cleaning the gene pool