1. dpharley

    How to properly break in a new rifle?

    I’ve just bought my first long range rifle, Savage BAT with Super Sniper scope, what is the proper break in procedure I should follow? I have heard many conflicting theories on proper barrel break in procedures. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. beenjammin

    Gunsmithing how to properly remove a badger handguard

    I am trying to take my badger stabilizer off and replace it with a DD lite rail. after I removed the screws that hold the badger on the triangular barrel guide part. how do i get that triangular part off away from the gas tube and barrel. I am afraid I dont know too muach about these.
  3. Austan

    AR not cycling properly

    Hey guys, I was shooting an AR yesterday that I finished putting together and it wasn't cycling properly. I would cycle the first round in, shoot, and then click. The bolt was coming back enough to eject the empty but no picking up the new round. So I cycled it manually, fired another shot then...