1. Kogapsp

    Prototype Anschutz rail

    Here is a picture of the prototype rail that I have the design for. As you can see it can slide back forth on the tail and tightened. I can also build in a 2o moa and can mount a picatinny rail to it as well. Just looking for interest. I am also working on windage adjustment to be included to...

    Manners prototype M1A stock

    Tom and I have prototyped an M1A stock based on the T4-A. We are looking for feedback and checking interest to see if we want to put it into production. Please post comments or questions here.
  3. RollingThunder51

    Suppressors Prototype #1 Razel SS

    Here is a shot of the very first prototype (2005) of the Razel (Razor/Chisel) SS (5"). Sv30, complicated grind. Eventually this blade design was run in everything from 3" to 6". When this all began, the grind technique employed here was breaking new ground. The serration top was made to cut...