1. ADAMS512

    Accessories Tripods, wiebad bags, 6.5 cases, vortex binoculars

    400ish mixed headstamp 6.5 creedmoor brass. $100 styd Green tripod with hammock, arca rail clamp and ball head. $200 styd PENDING PAYMENT Black and orange tripod. $50 styd PENDING PAYMENT Wiebad bags Green $60styd PENDING PAYMENT Tan $40 styd PENDING PAYMENT Green $30 styd PENDING PAYMENT...
  2. dkramper

    Firearms Ruger Precision gen 2 6.5cm full package deal(turn key)

    gen 2 rpr set up for prs the list magpul prs stock(factory stock included) timmy 2 stage trigger(factory trigger included) Catalyst Arms bolt knob(factory knob included) Catalyst Arms extended mag release Catalyst Arms bag rider(factory stock version) MDT arca rail(10 inch) Magpul bipod Magpul...
  3. NiteQwill

    SOLD Manners PRS-TCS /w extras and mini chassis

    Like new TCS, no damage. I simply get behind another stock better than this one, so I don't need it. Otherwise an excellent stock as most would know. Extras included are: High plains finish in high gloss Steel arca rail with 2 weights Double Syke Clutch Rail (right and left) Cheek knobs (2)...
  4. Sminja19


    Hi all! Will be adding pics later tonight! Selling a newest Gen Kahles 624i w Illuminated AMR reticle and LSW that’s in excellent shape. Has the parallax spinner as well! Everything works perfect and glass is clear and sharp. Excellent scope, just looking for something a little different on a...
  5. C

    22GT loads

    So I was shooting a 6gt with 95gr PVA solids and 109gr Berger’s. I absolutely loved it but had a itch to do a 22GT. Looking for suggestions on powders and load data because there is very little out there I see h4350 and RL16. When running the 6GT I was using imr4166 with great success. Wondering...
  6. J

    Precision Rifle Gear .22 Caliber Cartridge for PRS/NRL

    Just curious to hear some folks’ experience and opinions on using a .22 Caliber cartridge for PRS style matches. With the newer bullets having BCs upwards of .5 and some interesting wildcats out there, I’d like to start a discussion. Obviously impacts and misses would be harder to spot but...
  7. T

    How do you optimize your tripod?

    I'm starting to think about getting a spotting scope and rangefinder - I've been making do without them at matches and it's time to change that. My question is: what is the best way to optimize the top end of the trip pod? I've seen some kinds of arca accessory plates with a spotting scope and...
  8. W

    Best Canadian Gunsmiths?

    Hey guys, I’m looking to build my first custom PRS rifle and open to advice. the first and biggest thing on my list is finding a gunsmith to put it all together. I have no experience with any gunsmiths in Canada and looking for some advice. Does anyone have any experience with any gunsmiths...
  9. 6.5guys2

    SOLD MDT CKYE POD PRS picatinny

    Just as the title says I have a mdt prs ckye pod picatinny for sale. I’m asking 400 plus fees and shipping. This bipod is a great bipod and in great shape. I hardly used it at all. I just don’t use it enough to keep it. You can contact me at (931) 310-13twofive Thanks in advance
  10. GearScout

    Optics Kahles K525i SKMR3 - 5-25x56 - Mint PENDING

    Up for sale is a Kahles K 525i SKMR3. Includes box and all accessories as supplied by Kahles. This scope is very lightly used with no marks on the glass or body. Mounted and run in a few NRL22 matches and always stored and lovingly transported with the included neoprene body cover in place...
  11. fp120

    SOLD A10 warthog MDT ACC chassis

    I bought this from another hide member on here and used it for 3 or 4 matches and then got behind a foundation stock and the traditional hunter in me fell in love. So this is going to go to fund that project now. No trades at this time unless its foundations MG1/2 in dark distressed with weights...
  12. E

    Looking to get into PRS need help/input.

    Looking to get into PRS and where to start. Looking at a Masterpiece Arms in 6.5 PRC and a Zero Compromise Optic ZC 527. Looking for any information or comments that could be helpful to start my journey. Thanks!
  13. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Manners Rem 700 Short Action PRS-TCS in GAP

    Manners Rem 700 Short Action PRS-TCS in GAP with Sykes clutch and full length weighted Area 419 Arcalock rail Three (3) weights installed in Arca Rail (1 came with and I purchased 2 additional) Rear weight and two (2) spacers Adjustable cheek knob Short action precision SAP two round holder...
  14. ercmilla

    Ckye Pod Double / Triple Feet

    MDT Ckye Pods have different two different leg diameters: one for the PRS / Standard and another for the Double and Triple pull. The PRS / Standard legs take Atlas feet, but the Double / Triple pull only has the spiked feet it comes with. Has anyone figured out how to replace the Double and...
  15. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling- LNIB $80 shipped

    AG Multicam PR sling with QD swivels. This has been out once and then stored. It’s like new in box. $80 shipped conus. PayPal f&f, Venmo, or you cover PayPal fees.
  16. N

    Accessories MPA BA w accessories for trade

    Looking to trade my MPA BA comp chassis with bag rider, RAT barricade system, 2 round holder, cheek riser pad in black for a manners/foundation inletted for a curtis axiom. (I will add cash for the right deal). Ideally looking for a Genesis 2, PRS-1/2. Will consider others, as long as it is...
  17. Klugow

    Firearms WTS- Custom 6.5 creed PRS

    $4000 Defiance Action Bartlein Marksman contour 24” APA Gen2 little bastard brake Timney Calvin elite trigger Foundation MG1L stock (Dark Distressed) Surgeon DBM Gunsmith- Short Action Customs 125 rounds down the tube. Scope, rings, bipod NOT included Open to trades and cash also
  18. bonnierotten

    New from commiefornia

    Hey guys I’m new to PRS and to snipers hide, I just got into shooting long range. I currently have a RPR 6.5 creedmood bolt action rifle with Vortex 5x25 scope on it. Wanting to create a nicer build as my interest has grown. Really love the mdt rifles w the arca rail. I currently have some...
  19. drummachinejoe

    Accessories CKYE POD BIPOD $449

    Selling new MDT Ckye Pod with RRS adapter plate. Never mounted/used. Single pull, standard length, Gen 1. Price: $449 Shipping: Free/Included. Will ship same day/next day (depending on time payment received) via USPS Priority Payment: PayPal or VenMo RRS SC-LR Adapter. For mounting to...
  20. C

    SOLD Hawk Hill 6.5MM 1:8 Marksman Barrel Blank

    Ordered this barrel in 2015 from OTM and have been waiting for a build, but keep buying guns instead. Figured it doesn't need to keep taking up room. Have not seen one for sale in a while and this was always a hard barrel to find. Real OG Hawk Hill. Hawk Hill Marksman Contour 6.5MM 1-8 Twist...