1. sneakypayload

    Accessories WTS 6cm Impact prefits / Spuhr Mount

    First up, Spuhr 4002 34mm 0 MOA mount with extra screws, leveler, and box. $375 shipped lower 48 Second, 1 Impact precision prefit barrel from Stuteville. 6CM M24 contour 5/8x24 26 inches, 978 total rounds on barrel. Was used in 5 matches, $500 shipped 3rd, Exodus barrel, M24 contour, 26...
  2. ZiggyD

    Optics Kahles K 318i 3.5-18x50 SKMR3 For sale $2350

    Hello Im selling my K318i. This Scope is a Tank. It has some spots where the finish has been rubbed, you can see this in the pictures. If you would like the rings the Ill be happy to sell them to who buy the scope first. The glass is perfect there are no scratches and its super clear. This...
  3. O

    Accessories Pump pillows

    Wei bad pump pillow like new 75 shipped Armageddon gear large fat bag very little wear 70 shipped
  4. The4GunGuy

    PRS Talk PRS Practice - Fence & Gate

    Let's talk about how you might want to shoot a fence and/or gate this week. There are many options based on the stage brief. Enjoy!
  5. M

    WTB WTB Wilcox RAPTAR or AB Storm

    Looking for a Wilcox Raptar or AB Storm. (With LRF and Applied ballistics. Not interested in Raptar Lite) Have some PRS related equipment for partial/full trade value. MK5, 6 ARC PRS rig, and some odds and ends. Items for trade value can be found at my ARF account below...
  6. M

    Firearms ADM UIC / Geissele / JP Triggertech Diamond PRS Lower, Proof 6 ARC 18” and CLE Bartlein .223 18” Uppers, Leupold MK5/MK8

    ADM UIC Ambi Lower Receiver Triggertech Diamond Flat Face Geissele Super 42 Buffer w/H1 ADM Mass Magpul PRS Lite Stock Radian Ambi Selector MDT Premier AR Grip Parts MSRP: ~$1200, selling for $1000 6 Arc Upper: <.75 moa with factory 108’s Proof Research 18” 1:7.5 Stainless Steel Barrel (335...
  7. sneakypayload

    2022 GAP PPR (Who’s running them?)

    Title. I ordered a GAP PPR left hand in 6gt as a backup rifle/production rifle. Primary rig is a 22GT open gun, but strongly considering throwing a leupold on it and running production this year on the PPR. Anyone that has received their guns (the left hand ones aren’t available til Jan 1...
  8. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Culverts!

    Hi everyone! This is "The Culverts" and you can shoot it a couple different ways...Let's take a look.
  9. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - PRS Barricade

    Hi everyone! This is a PRS barricade and you can shoot it a couple different ways...Let's take a look.
  10. The4GunGuy

    PRS Practice - Stable Platform

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage. This platform looks simple, but beware of the elevation angle relative to the targets that are about 30ft BELOW it. Enjoy!
  11. aroddc3

    SOLD Bergara B14R and Extras!

    Helping a buddy out so he can save up for his daughter’s quinceañera. Bergara B-14 Trainer .22lr carbon fiber rifle comes with 2 10 rd magazines. Bare rifle with volquartsen muzzle brake $850 shipped. Extras Also Available: - NightForce 40 MOA Base (Rem 700 SA) $90 shipped - Area 419...
  12. The4GunGuy

    PRS Talk PRS Practice - Rock & Tires

    Hey everyone! Another in my PRS Practice series on how you MIGHT think about shooting a stage with multiple props. Enjoy!
  13. BeteNoire

    Tips, tricks, cheats & hacks - Let's hear 'em

    I didn't see a dedicated thread for this, but I thought they should all be centralized. I was looking for the tip about setup up your tripod for a standing, kneeling, etc. shot. I watched a video a while back where someone had a field expedient method for estimating an initial leg length for...
  14. The4GunGuy

    TriggerCam for Practice

    Hey everyone! Just did a video on the TriggerCam and thought you'd like it. This thing is really helping me understand what I'm doing wrong during practice. Going to use it in a match soon on specific stages (single target). Enjoy!
  15. The4GunGuy

    PRS Talk PRS Practice...Degrees of Pain Stage

    Another practice video for you...We shoot this prop a lot during matches and it's trickier than you think.
  16. WhatWhat.223

    SOLD Vudoo 360 MTU 20 inch

    Vudoo 360 20in MTU BA .22lr in very good to excellent shape for sale. Comes with a trigger tech special trigger 2 stage flat. I will send more photos later tonight and take it out of the chassis. Only reason I am selling is to many projects going on. I will also be selling the XLR envy pro JV...
  17. J

    Optics Vortex Razor Gen2 4.5-27 EBR-7C MOA Reticle

    I'm selling my Razor MOA FFP scope that has lived it's life on my Vudoo V22. Small scratches in the usual spots (see turret cap pictures). Glass is blemish free. Has Vortex Defender flip-caps, Halo-X Level and MKM Machining throw lever mounted, those will stay on it. It's mounted in a Vortex...
  18. The4GunGuy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD: Zero Compromise ZC527 with MPCT3x reticle (the "clean" reticle)

    THIS SCOPE AND MOUNT HAVE BEEN SOLD Barely used Zero Compromise ZC527 with MPCT3x reticle (the "clean" reticle). Getting out of 22LR so don't need it any longer. Original box ZCO ZC527 w/MPCT3x reticle Scope cover Cleaning cloth $3,600 shipped and insured via PayPal Friends and Family only...
  19. O

    Firearms PVA arc 6gt

    Patriot valley arc nucleus tigger tech special osprey barrel works 6gt 26 inch proof comp contour pva shockwave break pdc custom chassis with weight kit around 200 rounds on rifle 3k to your FFL just don’t have time to shoot rimfire and centerfire group pictures are right after zeroing scope
  20. Z06pilot

    SOLD MPA Matrix for sale R700/SA/RH Midnight Bronze

    Purchased new Last spring for my vudoo. Unbedded R700/SA/RH. Great condition with a few light scratches as shown. Includes new thin cheek piece with original one as well. Action, scope, weights bipod, thumb rest ect NOT included. This is JUST for the chassis with 2 grips only. I do have the...