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rail or adapter

  1. Snaz

    SOLD **SOLD** AI AT Low Action Rail 20MOA

    For sale: Accuracy International 26981: Low Action Rail AT - 20 MOA for the AT Rifle. I had this mounted for about 3 months, then installed the AX stock conversion and had to switch to the high rail. Very light use. $old shipped PayPal F&F or +4% G&S. Shipping is USPS Flat Rate. Payment...
  2. 4

    Suppressors Dawson Precision SF Military Light Rail/Adapter

    Hi, I am running Surefire Military light on my 1911 with MR07 adapter. It is a solid unit but it is big and ugly. Does anyone know where I can get the dawson rail adapter for Surefire Military light? I've called Dawson but they are out and discontinued and not taking any special order. My guess...