1. ucsfl05

    New Barrel Throat Finish, Rifling damage- is this Normal?

    Wanted to get an opinion on this- just got a brand new benchmark barrel in 6GT and cleaned it. This is what my throat looks like and there is some damage to the rifling just before the crown. What would you do? Thanks
  2. O

    Gunsmithing chamber reaming

    I'm starting to think about building a long range hunting rifle. I'm going to be attempting to build this thing myself and I'm chambering it in 264 Win. Mag. I'm thinking I'm going to build it on a savage action (possibly a custom action, haven't decided yet) My question is... Has anyone tried...
  3. E

    Gunsmithing chamber reaming cutting oil?

    I read that high sulfur cutting oils will dull reamers when used on stainless, is that right? what are yall using?
  4. syme71

    Primer Pocket Reaming

    I got an adjustable primer pocket reamer from RW Hart. Folks at Hart told me to adjust depth so primer seats .001/.002 deep. When I adjust the tool to ream the pocket to this depth, it only "cuts" the middle portion of the pocket around the hole, not the entire pocket to the side edges...