1. M

    Rifle Scopes Ranging with MOA recticle

    Is it easier to range with a MOA reticle than a Mil reticle? If one MOA is 1 inch at 100 (I know it isn't exact) does it make it easier to range because it the reticle measures X MOA for target size when you do the conversion you are already using inches and yards at that point. I hope this...
  2. btc624

    Rifle Scopes What kinda recticle is this???????

    This was posted on pafoa website asking what kind of recticle this is. The scope is a leupold and when leupold was contacted they didnt know and said it might be used to measure trees, anyone know for sure what this is or even seen this before????? ok posted a bigger pic sorry bout that.
  3. Gilly

    Rifle Scopes NF MLR recticle

    Just wondering how some who have used this recticle like it? NF website does not give much detail on what the marks are spaced at 1 MIL? how does it look at 15X on the FFP 3-15X? I would appreciate any input on this.