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  1. phidelt208

    Accessories WTS 6mm ARC Barrel & Bolt

    21 inch Odin Works 6 mm ARC barrel 6 mm ARC/ 6.5 Grendel bolt 272 rounds on them. $372 shipped
  2. M

    SOLD Labradar with Accessories

    Labradar in excellent condition $300 shipped Photos Comes with: Tripod External Battery Pack Airgun External Trigger Carrying Case Battery Holder
  3. 6.5guys2


    Ok guys and gals I have some questions. I have a 22 arc setup and I just shot some of my factory 62gr eld-vt match ammo. The gun likes it but I’m a Reloader so I have the 22arc hornady dies and well i resized the case and sit the shoulder back 4 thou just to b safe but I tried to make a dummy...
  4. J

    seating depth test 8208xbr/77gr smk

    I just worked up a load for my ar15, it's a rifle length 18" ballistic Advantage barreled upper in .223 Wylde. A basic lower with a rifle length buffer tube/buffer. This is my first load work up and I want to do a seating depth test to see if I can tighten the group (just under 1 MOA) up but...
  5. R

    Anyone used .308 Swiss P 167gr Styx bullets for hunting?

    Bought some of the .308 167gr Swiss P Styx from Raven Rocks Precision. Has anyone loaded or used the factory ammo for hunting before? Can’t seem to find much online of any results on game.
  6. Nunna

    Reloading - Load & ladder test templates

    Hi all, just thought some of you might find this useful when doing load development. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/ikftk7ob77o3okvd52dha/Range-Test-Spreadsheet.xlsx?rlkey=1i6cfoifqp5p2lsjl0hf2svh3&dl=0
  7. Doc_Holliday

    Reloading Equipment Updated: Hornady 308 Once Fired Brass 400pcs

    I have roughly 400 pieces of once fired Hornady 308 brass. $30 per hundo.
  8. K

    Straight walled wildcats

    Hello all, I have a crazy idea brewing in my head and I'm hoping you all can help me out. Nothing original I'm sure as everything has been done before but my google and forum searches haven't given me answers yet. I recently moved to the peoples republic of Maryland, half the state is bottleneck...
  9. R

    Reloading Equipment RCBS Precision Mic .338LM

    I have three oneRCBS Precision Mic Set - in excellent condition. As the title says, .338LM, .308win, .223Rem (will obviously work for 5.56/.223 Wylde). $45 each shipped All three for $105 shipped
  10. TxDerek

    Reloading Equipment ADG 300PRC 100/ct FS

    100 pieces of brand new virgin 300prc ADG brass. $200 shipped
  11. FearlessMagpie

    308 Muzzle Velocity with 175gr

    I'm going to shoot PRS tactical using 308 with 175gr SMK. (24",1:10,planned to shoot 178ELM but found super good deal of SMK) I searched online and found most people are running it at around 2600fps instead of 2700. Is there a particular reason for that? I'm not a fun of less than 95% fill...
  12. gigabels

    DIY Primer Maker from Powder Valley... too good to be true?

    Hi, I know little about reloading but I noticed this DIY primer kit and I can't find much feedback on it good or bad. Logically I'd think it must not be good enough or else it would be a lot more popular during this primer shortage (especially large rifle primers). But thought it'd be worth it...
  13. gszeto99

    Reloading Equipment Brass for sale

    I have various brass for sale. All of the brass has been deprimed and stainless steel media cleaned and are shiny. Some of it was done recently and some of it was done a while ago so may have tarnished or may show a slight patina. The brass has not been sized or trimmed. I leave that for the...
  14. Precision Underground

    SOLD 180 ELDM Bullets- 700 Same Lot

    I had plans to do a 7mm PRC and it turned into a 300 so these aren’t going to fit. $280 shipped. PP F&F or equivalent.
  15. M

    SOLD ~35 gallons of brass ($250)

    ~35 gallons of brass 15 gallons of separated 556/223 brass (~8k) 15 gallons of mixed 556/9mm brass (~3-4k each) 5-10 gallons of 9mm brass (~5k) Quantities are my best guesstimate based on the containers they’re in. Pictures (They’re in 27 gallon storage totes for reference) $250 takes it all...
  16. A

    Reloading Equipment Redding Big Boss II Press

    Redding Big Boss II Single Stage Press. In great condition. $190 shipped
  17. atefft22

    Need Help replacing lost gear in Maui (Lahaina) Fire

    Hello S.H. community, I'm Andy a long time forumn member residing in Maui Hawaii. Im asuming most of you are probably aware of the fire that has decimated the town of Lahaina. My home and all my belongs were 100% destroyed, including all of my reloading gear and components and ammo. Here is...
  18. aroddc3

    Reloading Equipment 198 pieces of 1X-fired Alpha OCD 6 BRA Brass

    Selling 198 pieces of 1X-fired 6BRA Alpha brass. Deprimed, tumbled and annealed. $195 local pickup. $210 shipped. (Only missing two pieces b/c 1 was used to obtain the Aztec code from the AMP annealer, and 1 was used to create a dummy round. Thanks! - Dave
  19. Brian Turner

    7 prc neck bushing

    What size neck bushing would you use on a 7 prc for reloading ?
  20. SniperCook

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 RCBS FL 6.5 creedmoor dies

    25 for dies plus shipping, 6.5 RCBS dies