1. AIAW

    SOLD Inflection Magnum Ammo Case (5.50" Max OAL)

    For "Magnum cartriges" (300WM, 300NM, 338LM, etc). Brand new, never used. Uses a SKB 0907-6 I Series case. It has 50 holes to accommodate up to 50 rounds. MAX OAL of loaded round, 5.50" PayPal, Zelle or Venmo. $70 + $15 shipping
  2. AIAW

    SOLD Inflection Ammo Case "Bullet Box" - 50 BMG/Barrett 419

    For 50 BMG/Barrett 419 (could really use it for other "large"calibers). Brand new, never used. It has 50 holes to accommodate up to 50 rounds. This case is designed to house 50 BMG and Barrett 419 cartridges. The cases listed will take a round with an overall length of 8.00”. $200 shipped
  3. Gunfighter716

    SOLD WTS: A&D FX-120i Reloading Scale NIB

    A&D FX-120i scale in original packaging. Includes 100g calibration weight and glass cup. $530 shipped to the lower 48. Not interested in any trades at this time.
  4. R

    New member in MI

    Hello all! I was introduced to this thread by a GREAT friend of mine. Just picked up a CZ457 MTR and have various other rifles in a number of calibers. I also reload so looking forward to the treasure of info I’ll gather from here. Almost done with the new home range. Just set the AR500...
  5. AIAW

    SOLD Lapua 260 REM Brass - New

    100 pieces, new, unfired. $120 shipped. I accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment options.
  6. AIAW

    SOLD Peterson 300 Norma Magnum Brass - New

    100 pieces (plus roughly 35 additional, some primed I will throw in). All new, unfired. $210 shipped. I accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment options. Thanks.
  7. AIAW

    SOLD Nosler 300 Win Mag Brass - New

    Shoots really well. I get about 16-18 reloads on it before the web expands to a hard bolt lift. Too lazy to use the collet die on it after that. 124 pieces total. $175 shipped. I will accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.
  8. AIAW

    SOLD Lapua Brass - 338LM - New

    Continuing my clean-up and sell-off. 100 pieces "limited run" headstamp, new. $255 shipped (these are true Lapua cases, identical specs and dimensions - just a cancelled contract run a company paid to have a custom stamping on the head). I accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment. Thanks!
  9. AIAW

    SOLD RWS 50 BMG Brass - Brand New

    Quantity of 150 pieces. This stuff is like unicorn teeth for 50 BMG reloading. $500 shipped. Will accept PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.
  10. AIAW

    SOLD Hornady A-MAX 50 BMG - 750g Bullets

    11 boxes, 20-count each. 220 bullets total. These are not loaded rounds! Only selling as an entire lot. $500 shipped. PayPal, Venmo or Zelle as payment options.
  11. AIAW

    Reloading Equipment Redding Competition Die Set - 260REM

    Easier to use a single thread for all of these. I will edit he thread as each is sold. All dies are used but in good condition. Fully functional and ready to go. Simply let me know which set you are interested in. I will accept Venmo, Zelle or PayPal "Friends and Family". Thanks! 260...
  12. Gunfighter716

    SOLD Cutting Edge 22LR Die Set and 32gr Bullet/Brass Bundle

    Cutting Edge 22LR Die Set and 160/200 Cutting Edge 32gr bullets and brass. Price is $160 shipped.
  13. cast1

    Subsonic 45-70 load data.

    Hey guys. I can’t seem to find any published load data for the 410 subx projo in 45-70. Anybody have anything?
  14. Jdowney37

    Reloading Equipment 300WM components (dies, bullets, brass)

    Selling some of my extra loading supplies, these are all for 300WM. Price includes shipping. Included is: -2 unopened boxes of Berger 30cal 200.2 bullets -Redding Type S bushing die w/bushing -Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die - 40 pieces of 2x fired, and annealed, Norma brass Would really...
  15. Dparker1901

    Reloading Equipment Ponsness-Warren 375 Shotshell Reloading Press (w/ Tooling Kits for 12, 16 & 20 Gauges!)

    I inherited this reloader and the reloading kits for 12, 16 and 20 guage. See photos. Unfortunately I don't shoot enough shotgun to warrant reloading. It is in good mechanical working order and includes a LOT of assorted wadding for 12, 16 & 20 guage. 11 bags of 12 guage, 1 bag of 16 and a...
  16. Kchild307

    Reloading Equipment Upgraded so cleaning house

    Frankford Aresenal ($180) LE Wilson Case Trimmer w/ holders ($200) 300 WBY Mag dies never used ($180) Bushnell nitro 15-45x65 spotting scope ($450) PM me for more details
  17. godofthunder

    Accessories Brass Wrangler - Brass Catcher for ARs

    This is the Original Brass Wrangler. These are 100% Made in the U.S.A. The mounts are made by me, and the bags are made in the U.S.A. Been selling these for a decade with tons of great feedback. This simple yet effective brass catcher simply snaps on to any 1913 picatinny rail allowing it to...
  18. DFNM

    SOLD WTS: 2400 Hornady 109 ELD-M

    I have 2400 Hornady 109 ELD-M’s, I bought them Because I was running low on 105 Bergers but got some and now I don’t need these. $1000 shipped to your door
  19. -Obsessed-

    Reloading Equipment AutoTrickler Panel Sets - V2, V3, V4 - Keep kernels off your pan!

    Cleaning up the old thread now that I have all versions ready to go. Every set is custom designed for each setup. Every top plate, riser (round part), and cup guide is SPECIFIC to the version (V2/V3 or V4) and cup you are using (glass vs. 419). Please PM me to order. Payment is via PP. I may...
  20. Danhalen7.62

    Reloading Equipment Hornady 6mm Creedmoor once fired brass for sale. 4,400 pieces available.

    I have 4,400 pieces of once fired Hornady 6mm Creedmoor brass for sale. All were from factory Hornady Match 108gr ELD ammo. 0.50 per piece. Contact me if you would like a large amount and we can work out a deal! More you buy, more I will discount. Disclaimer: Alot of these were from matches I...