1. D

    Bergara build question

    I was curious if anybody out there has done this or thought of doing this. I really like the Christensen arms mpr for its chassis (lightweight and folding stock) but to save cost and arguably a better rifle, though about dropping a bergara into a Mpr chassis for rem 700 and clones. Only...
  2. earthquake

    McMillan A4 stock fit a Remmington 700PSS?

    I have an IBA TPR which is built on the 700PSS platform and tweaked some. Link: The HS stock that comes with it does not fit my hand very well, and its non-adjustable. I wanted to upgrade to the McMillan A3 - A5 style...
  3. dar1246

    260 Remmington

    I wonder why Remmington doesn't come out with a 260 again. They could build in their 40X rifle. To me this would be a great time to reintroduce the 260 to the shooting market. Why drop the ball twice. Any insight on this.