1. K

    Magnum Research

    Can anyone provide feedback on the Magnum Research 10/22 Magnum Lite rifles? I have heard good things mostly, but a few bad things as well. I have heard the trigger group is the same as the Ruger, I don't know if that is true. I have also heard of some feed issues as well. Any feedback would...
  2. Surgeon_Shooter

    Magnum research .22 problem. Please help!

    I've got a magnum research .22/.17 and it stove pipes with all ammo I've tried!!! I'm about ready to get rid of the thing because I'm not gonna own a piece of shit rifle! I've tried almost all match and target ammo for semi auto rifles and it's driving me nuts. Any ideas??
  3. Surgeon_Shooter

    Magnum research .22 jaming! Help.

    Hey guys I've got a magnum research .22 and I've ran about 1000 rounds through it. The damn thing jams about every 5 shots and I don't know why.I know a good bit about guns but this is nerve racking. It " stove pipes" about every 5 shots with all ammo I've came across! Any body got any ideas??