1. TopTeerPrecision

    Reloading Equipment WTT: Retumbo for Bergers

    I have UP TO 3 lbs of Retumbo to trade for either or both of Berger 6.5 140gn Hybrid’s and/or Berger 338 300gn OTM’s I am on a pretty specific hunt and don’t really need to part with the powder. These are the items I’m looking for. I’m not looking for a cash sale either. Thanks though. If you...
  2. S

    Reloading Equipment SOLD Retumbo (Houston area FTF)

    SOLD I have two one (1) pound retumbos for sale. Same Lot number. They are unopened and I’ve had them for about 2 weeks. Going a different route. Asking $100.00 per pound. I know it’s high but it’s what I paid per pound as I haven’t seen this powder around for some time. A copy of my receipt is...
  3. B

    Retumbo and 338 Norma Mag

    After running some quikload #'s it seems that some of the powders and loads mentioned on here for the 338 Norma Mag are over pressure. RL22 @ 83gr= 66,380psi @ 2700fps Ramshot Magnum 90gr=67,288psi @ 2741fps My question is anyone using Retumbo in there 338 Norma. It seems to deliver same speed...
  4. K

    Retumbo or RL25 in 6.5x284?

    I have had very good luck with H1000 with 139g Scenars/140g JLKs. I was wondering if I could expect more of the same with a slower burner like Retumbo or RL25. I have seen some good loads with Retumbo in 243 and 25-06 which arent traditional slow powder cartridges. Anyone have any experience...
  5. T


    Does anybody know where I can buy a 8 pound jug of Retumbo?
  6. Cinch

    264 Retumbo Amax

    I have a new Sendero 264 and I am looking for some loads for the 140 Amax and Retumbo. I would be interested in other bullets with Retumbo as well. Thanks